Whispers of a Machine Download PC Game published on the Windows PC platform conventionally made an adventure game. It is the result of a collaboration between the studio near the restaurants within walking distance Games (known with Cathy Rain) and the company Faravid Interactive (The Samaritan Paradox).

The plot of the action game takes place in the distant future. The vision of the time represented authors are rather pessimistic. Not controlled by the technical progress made sure that the artificial different minds were installed in almost all subjects of everyday life, ranging from houses, cars, clothes.

At some point, humanity has realized that there is just one stage of the so-called singularity’s offensive, that’s the point where SI will become very intelligent than any man, and start creating your artificial minds, causing lawinową the change of all civilization.

This can lead to a displacement of humanity on the track, so it was decided to destroy all SI. This led to the collapse of the economy and the level of technological development in the world, but it was the price that was worth paying to avoid the disaster.

The story of Whispers of a Machine Download begins several decades after this event. You play as a woman by the name of Faith, who works as a researcher at the Federal Agency for Security. Will be sent to a small town Nordsund to investigate a series of mysterious murders.

Therefore, the heroine is in the secret center of the war, deployed among people obawiającymi of technology, and religious fanatics want to force the parish of characteristics that believe that SI may be the only true gods in a world that has long cast faith.

Mechanical, Published for Windows PC platform Whispers of a Machine Download Free is a classic przygodówka. During the game, eksplorujemy is why the sites, we negotiate, we collect objects and we decide logic puzzle. The game is dedicated exclusively to testing our agility and memory.


There are no arcade problems. The campaign is highly non-linear, and makes us elections result in history for several alternative purposes. The Whispers Technical Issues of a Machine Download PC Game was executed in the retro convention

. The authors decided to recreate the style that was popular in the pecetowych these fantastic adventures of the diet in the mid-90s. The last century. Therefore, the graph entirely in two dimensions and manufactured in the resolution of 640 × 360.

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