Watch Dog 2 Download Full Game Pc

The opinions were shared at the exit of the first Watch Dogs, to the point that one wondered if it was the first episode of a new saga to success of Ubisoft or if the adventure would stop the. The first part did not completely convince his audience, because even if he proposed a remarkable mixture of action, driving and puzzles,

he was still lead by big technical problems at launch. At this second episode is the heavy task of hoisting the saga to the top of the pantheon of the video game, the risk of burying it permanently if it fails . According to the first indications, the game has been revived, precisely where it was needed.

We take the same and start again?

The information on Watch Dogs 2 filter dropper, but the least we can say is that this new album is very promising. In the first, the players had appreciated the novelties concerning the urban surveillance and the fight: the cameras became the allies of the hero and no longer his enemies. No more need to hide from the cameras or disable them: instead, you seek them and you use them by pirating them and turning them against your enemies.

The second game takes this mechanism at the risk of giving players a sense of déjà-vu. But two major changes should offset this problem. The first is the appearance of a new hero . We go from Aiden Pierce to Marcus Holloway, we do not know much yet; second change, the city, since the action moves from Chicago to San Francisco, which will provide a more lively and varied backdrop.

New decor, new playability

Fortunately, there are also other factors that, hopefully, will contribute to the unpublished experience of Watch Dogs 2. First, object hacking has been improved. Already appreciable in the first episode since it gave the game a small GTA side more magical, it is found here, and more expanded. More elements can be hacked to distract or eliminate opponents . It also seems that hacking objects will be more offensive.

More interactions, therefore, and more vehicles! In particular, we will be able to drive motos cross , which will give a lot of spice to the urban exploration. The urban fight has been upgraded to large customizable weapons, although the sequence with Marcus using a snooker ball attached to a rope is a bit silly.

Graphically, the second episode is intended to put our eyes on it, with a colorful San Francisco and a very neat visual . Last but not least, the integration of a co-op multiplayer promises beautiful hours of fun and a lot of urban chaos. In short, we can not wait to be there!

Watch Dog 2 Download Full Game Pc

Finally the Watch Dogs we were waiting for?

Watch Dogs 2 definitely has it all, at least on paper. It remains to be hoped that the technical problems that marked the release of the first game do not return to spoil the party. Ubisoft bet big, and the first indications are rather favorable: this game will have better graphics, more colors, more variety, without forgetting a multi mode of the most expected. What to fill us!

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