Category: War Games

Jump into battle and do not leave a man in the virtual battlefields in our war games. Whether as an elite soldier who single-handedly shuts down entire battalions or as a commander, who controls the actions of his troops on the battlefield and so decide on victory and defeat. Whether at historical locations, in fantasy and science fiction worlds or as military games in realistic scenarios: our free war games leave no military wishes unfulfilled.

Whether you build your own bases in a strategy and tactical game and level your opponent’s ground, shoot anything in the shooting game that comes before the gun or roll a tank across the battlefield – what matters is that you play in our war games keep the heat of the battle always cool, War Games: Strategy, Shooter and Co.

With us you can play war games completely free of charge online and so try a wide variety of different titles. Experience the Stone Age in Age of War and defend your cave with brave warriors, slingshots and dinosaurs. Alternatively, in Crush the Castle you can disassemble medieval castles with a catapult, or assemble your own futuristic combat robot with Super Mechrobots and process other ‘Mechs into scrap heaps.