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US Army training courses game is an action game available on Android Play store. This game is available freely, and you have not to buy this game. It is a game, which is based on different operations, which happen in the US army training school to train the soldiers to become an extraordinary military commando fighter.

The player of this game gets into the US military school where he is trained by performing different operations. It is known as Boot Camp where different programs of physical and mental training occur. To become an elite officer of the force you are required to pass every test in this operation. There are different challenges and events in the gameplay and as the difficulty level increases the courses and training starts to get tougher.

The main plot of this game is that you have to complete all levels of this camp training to get qualified as a soldier commando in the US Army. You have to follow the schedule of the camp and live your life according to it. The training starts at 5 in the morning firstly for the physical and then gun shooting training. Then you get a break for breakfast, and after that, you again join the training session at 6:30 am.  The training then continues till 12:00 pm, and after that, you go for lunch break. This series of training happens till evening to train you for the US Army.

It is an adventurous game. You can get to know about the lives of the soldiers and the intensity of their training by playing this game. It has good graphics and controls, which make the gameplay more interesting. The interface of this game is very much friendly, and one can easily get to know about playing this game.

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