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Impressive! With Create Sim , the character editor of Sims 4, you can really model your Sim as you want and make the exact  copy of the character that we imagine. Compliant, or almost, because the publisher still imposes some restrictions, as we will see.    Fans of the Sims, you who are impatient, you know it : Maxis , the creator of the game, has today even opened on his  official website the registration form to gain access to the free demo of the Sims 4. And I was lucky to have early access!

So, I started to create the Sims that I can introduce into the game, right out, on September 4th .    To begin, I decided to use myself as a guinea pig, creating my alter ego Sim , which I enjoyed a lot, but also allowed me to  test the performance and limitations of the editor: great improvements have been made, it’s true, but we also feel a slight  decline compared to the Sims 3 . Here are in any case my first impressions hot.

Modeling Sims to the millimeter  What surprised me most about the Sims Sim Simulator 4 mode is the degree of  customization of the faces and bodies of the  Sims. To the millimeter. Although I knew how this system worked, because we had been able to test it briefly last year , it  is only now that I have seen all the possibilities.    Creating the physiognomy and anatomy of a Sim is as simple as modeling his features with the tip of the mouse .

The change  of shape and volume is smooth: you can draw each line of your character with surgical precision .   Draw the facial features at the nearest milimeterSelect an established template or define the detail of a trait yourself: you choose  Regarding the body , you can change absolutely any area: the torso, abdomen, chest, hips, legs, arms or feet.

Everything  goes there. Even with some mods that fans had launched in previous versions of Sims, never had such a degree of detail been  obtained.    This same extreme customization can apply to faces. For each trait (eye, mouth, nose …), as well as for the whole face, we  provide you with some predefined models, which coincide with typical aspects of all ethnicities, but which you can then  manipulate one by one .

With all these options, I tried to create myself. And the impression I have is that if the created Sim does not look like  me, it’s not because of the technical restrictions of the publisher. No. I did it in haste and I did not have a mirror in  front of me to analyze each of my features. I’m sure if a friend decides to create me in The Sims 4, it will come out my  digital clone .    Create a digital clone of yourself, it’s possible!

With patience, you can create a real digital clone   But in terms of colors and textures, on the other hand …  The body and facial personalization of the Sim impressed me. That is true. However, I can not say the same about clothes,  hairstyles or complements . In The Sims 3, you could choose any hair color (and each hairstyle had 4 selectable shades), the  same for clothes or accessories. Unfortunately, in The Sims 4 version, this is no longer the case.    Create a Sim offers different color cards and prints for each garment, accessory or makeup. It is the same with the hues of  hairstyles and skin, limited to a fairly conventional palette .

I hope this restriction appears only in the demo and that in the final game there will be no limits. I could spend hours editing every detail of the look of my characters in The Sims 3 … I refuse to lose that!    Set the hair colorCan we have an infinity of hair colors?    To each his destiny  Once I finished the physical appearance of my clone, I only had one very important detail left: his vital aspiration and hischaracter traits.

The vital aspiration of SimAspiration is a key element in the life of your Sims    Aspiration is what your Sim would love to do or get before you die. The aspiration is divided into several areas (sports,  creation, family, love …) and each area includes specific desires. As one of my passions is literature, I decided that my  Sim would aspire to be a recognized author .  Let’s wait to see how these desires really affect the life of your Sim, but what I can already tell you is that by choosing  an aspiration, you unlock a bonus feature . In the case of my Sim, it’s Muser , a trait that will give him “inspiration”when he exercises some of his skills.

The Sims 4 PC Game Free Download

The bonus feature, an important assetThe bonus feature can help you a lot in your career  And after Aspiration, all you have to do is choose the character traits , three in this case. These traits resemble those wehave seen in The Sims 3, and include physical and social skills, interests, and different ways of being and behaving. In my case, trying to create a reflection of the authentic Maria, I opted to give myself the following traits:

Creative, passionate about music and gourmet, three of the characteristics that people use the most to define me.  You see? We went from the five traits of the Sims 3 to just three. How is it going to play on the personality of the Sims? In principle, this restriction should limit the options, but in reality this will not be the case. EA assures us that  the Sims will be more real than life , thanks to the confrontation between the psychological characteristics of the characters and their environment. But to find out more, we’ll have to wait for the game’s launch.

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