The ISLE Free Pc Game Download

The Isle Telecaster Torrent is a survival sandbox on the Windows PC by the American studio The Isle Telecaster Crack Development Team, for which it is the first production.

The developers have already, however, previously made contact with dinosaur pro games, creating several names in other companies.

The project focuses on these missing reptiles and is a kind of ARK: Survival Evolved, which does not control people missing from many years of animals. Mechanical, as in any survival of production, and for this main purpose is survival. Players enter a large island (more than 16 square kilometers) on dinosaurs.

The developers have prepared dozens of species of these creatures, including illustrator, tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus reksa, gallimaufry, autorepeat, brontosaurus – stegosaurus. By controlling one of the reptiles, we must provide the things necessary for life – first of all, food and water.

By crossing forests and marshes, as a predator, you must hunt smaller individuals, avoid larger, more complex cousins ​​and grow. At first, we play, because quite discreet creature, but with time quadrapole on the levels of the food chain, sowing terror all over the island.

On a single server can hold up to a hundred players, but that does not mean that we meet. As part of the fun will find, because animals managed by artificial intelligence. It is also worth mentioning the possibilities of participation in the herd or the creation of housing.

Glutamate children should then take care, and in the small dinosaur can embody another person. The technical issues The Isle Telecaster PC Game on the Windows PC platform, it is beautiful, three-dimensional production.

The ISLE Free Pc Game Download

Special attention deserve a variety of scenery, but dinosaurs also look very good – lovers of these creatures will not have problems with the recognition of their pets.

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