THE EXILED Free Pc Game Download

THE EXILED is sandbox game, focusing on PvP, mode and interaction between players. The production is the independent studio German Fairytale Distillery. Six young developers united by the same love of RPG dj and the desire to offer something different from the beaten gender schemes.

The game puts us in the role of a prisoner in the world, planted in the dark fantasy style. Trapped, in a broad valley need to build a shelter that will help us to regain strength, find allies in other players, and, finally, to escape from this extraordinary discovery.

The problem lies in the fact that these same accidents, like us, a whole lot, and each one has objectives coincide with ours. Willy-nilly, we must therefore join forces with other players and compete for resources that allow us to survive and achieve founded in purpose.

The developers of THE EXILED abandoned typical for RPG a system of classes, thanks to which players have complete freedom in the development of your character’s skills. Our capacity offensives are closely linked with the weapons and weapons that we, of course, produce ourselves, with the help of a craft system.

With this solution, players can change game tactics at any time, not being of the hero’s abilities. In the making of the Germans, we do not find such a vast history, the system of quests, cut-games and other “charges”. Instead, the focus is on PvP, and the incessant struggle to attract and protect available resources,

which has replaced the characteristic of most RPGs already the need for the so-called “grindowania”. Used in the fighting model game attributes accuracy, sense of time and the ability to take the right tactics. Also taken into account the so-called friendly fire. Despite the pressure on competition,

the fight does not have to be our daily life. A key element of the gameplay, because the interaction between the game. To succeed, we must learn to think in terms of profits. Not all players must become our enemy, but most of them are worth making friends, to achieve a greater favor of collaboration.

THE EXILED Free Pc Game Download

The authors have planned a system of rewards, experienced players that will help you integrate into the game process . All game servers are another world, unique with the point of view of the topography and the diversity of the environment.

Individual worlds live their lives and grow even without the participation of players. What’s interesting, on each server, playing can set their own rules of the game, for example, the ban on using weapons remotely.

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