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Following the formula of the first The Amazing Spider-Man, this second part also follows the latest feature film. If we find with pleasure the majority of the protagonists of the film, the developers have completely taken again the structure of their baby by bringing a lot of small modifications. Unfortunately, if the intention is laudable, it is not always very convincing in the facts.

Opening on the tragic scene of the death of Uncle Ben, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers us his first discovery synonymous with sequences where we play Peter Parker. If these are quickly useless, they are only one of the novelties of this second segment, still developed by Beenox, and also little stingy in gameplay adjustments.

Beyond that, the open world structure remains the same and you will always have to navigate between the main quests that advance the scenario and the plethora of side missions that allow you to gain XP and increase the Spidey features. With the principle in mind, let’s focus on the details.

If you’re wondering, yes, you still have 300 pages of comics to recover!

The heart of the game being New York, so Beenox had to look at modeling the city. Unfortunately, we see that everything has not changed since the previous game. In fact, if the buildings are somewhat modeled at the hoe, the streets are singularly lacking in life.

There are few passersby and we still do not understand why the developers have made that half of the vehicles are taxis, this giving rise to completely ridiculous scenes synonymous with armadas of famous yellow taxis waiting for fires. We knew better by immersion.

Note that in this episode, you will have the opportunity to visit Stan Lee in his comics shop to reliance artworks, figurines, comics (the 300 pages to recover being still in the game) or even exercise in combat via an arcade terminal while facing waves of opponents. Finally, if you want to change your suit or resume a previously unblocked mission, you will have to take the metro to get to Tante May.

The gameplay is easy to access, fight becomes quickly fun. In terms of pure gameplay, there are many additions and other modifications to support a construction similar to that of The Amazing Spider-Man. Nevertheless, if it will still matter to follow the scenario via 14 main missions that will make us meet several protagonists (Kraven, Shocker, The Black Cat, Carnage …), spending time on the side quests would be this time a necessity. Indeed, if as in the first part, you will find here several costumes, these will not have for sole vocation to allow Head of canvas to change of look to amuse the New Yorkers.Thus, in this case, the costumes have different characteristics (strength, canvas, etc.) that will increase by obtaining experience at the end of the main objectives but also and above all by solving related challenges.

On this point, we find roughly what was already present in The Amazing Spider-Man plus some new children. For example, the fires from which you must eradicate civilians using your spider sense, which can be activated by a simple pressure on the cross direction. Useful for seeing people through walls or guards’ vision cones. Note that your sense of spider will also be highlighted during sequences where you will quickly turn the head via the right stick to identify the source of the danger before avoiding it through a QTE.

Put on the costume that best suits your way of playing. If we find the races through the rings or photo challenges, we will also benefit from car chases a bit more advanced. You can now go to the left or right of the car to disarm guards before exploding the rear window to save a kidnapped person by tapping the required key.

Let’s get on with the minor offenses where we will just have to beat a few thugs. XP earned quickly even if here, it will collapse as a conclusion of cut-scenes synonymous with “breaking news” extolling the merits of Spider-Man. Funny the first time, very annoying from the second seen that it is not possible to zap quickly.

In terms of playability, Beenox also tweaked what they had put in place two years ago. Note for example the ability to heal directly with bandages canvas (unfeasible against some bosses), disarm opponents, dodge gunfire or even use new powers such as seismic or ionic web. Although this is induced by the scenario, everything remains unconvincing, even for Spidey, but allows more dynamic clashes.

Between two fights, we can also play stealth, especially in the dens to explore, although in this case, we realize that because of a catastrophic AI, these passages are more funny and pathetic than really fascinating. Indeed, eliminate a guard by catching it and then touching it while his buddy, two meters from us, hears and sees nothing, is not really very immersive.

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In sum, while it is undeniable that Beenox has tried to do the best, it is difficult to be as enthusiastic as the first The Amazing Spider-Man. If you manage to overcome the technical aspect, you will then have to juggle some finds that will be called politely dispensable. I am thinking here of the phases with Peter Parker totally useless or the choice of dialogues that do not serve much in the sense that we can choose all topics of conversation before closing the verbal exchange.

In the end, it’s difficult for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to convince since it is now far too late for an inFamous: Second Sound on PS4 or even a Batman Arkham Origins on PS3 and Xbox 360. However, remains the character of Spider-Man that we take pleasure in finding and incarnate (especially if we manage to stay zen in the face of his thoughts a bit drunk) thanks to a sense of freedom rather pleasant and more nervous and accessible fights.

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