Category: Survival Games

Survival games are certainly among the most exciting things you’ve ever played online! It’s pure action, constant adrenaline and in the end, the great happiness, if you have managed and survived – what a triumph!

Do you already smell the hot stench of death? It is one of the zombie survival games that challenges you to survive under dangerous creatures and the most adverse conditions. All you have is your mind … and lots of weapons. What do you do? No matter what threat it is, do you have the skills to survive the night? Your enemies could come from space or even close to you. The different varieties of Survival games are very diverse – you can fight as a knight protecting his castle, as a microbe being attacked, or as a dinosaur trying to survive the rest of your species. Or change teams and fight your zombie counterparts with a little symbol swap voodoo. After all, you have to look good for the Apocalypse, right? Be sure to look fabulous for the occasion.

How tough and tough are you? Our games are going to put you to the test. A relentless action game will give you “Upgraded: Survival” – a forbidden kingdom and infinite enemies – will you survive and survive the madness?

Do you like more funny scenarios and less horror games? Also on our side we have a lot to offer, such as the game “turkey food”. Here you can help a turkey escape the oven so as not to land on the food counter. Battle bouncing potatoes in this exciting and fun Thanksgiving game and avoid the dangerous steam release valves! The popular online games “Silly Ways to Die” will also guarantee you a lot of fun – find out how you manage to survive these funny characters with your clicks.