Stronghold Crusader Free Download Full Version For Pc

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy game that will allow you to embody different factions of the medieval crusades and will transport you into the role of important historical characters. As it’s a paid game, we suggest you play the demo version before downloading the full edition.

Arms to defend your faith against your enemies and fulfill the sacred mission that has been entrusted to you! Personalize the classic figures of Saladin or Richard the Lionheart and lead your army to victory.

The game tells the historical facts of the First, Second and Third Crusades. This is a good opportunity to learn more about events between the 11th and 12th centuries. Recruit different types of soldiers based on the equipment of that time and complete your missions.

Demo Version: Campaign and Multiplayer Modes

Stronghold Crusader contains various game modes. In Campaign mode you will play the role of historical and fictional characters with predefined quests that you must complete for different reasons. Get resources such as gold or food to support your people in this war.

The multi-player mode places the action on different cards selected by the players in order to compete to know which team or which player will get the final victory. This is a basic game mode for all PC strategy games.

You will need to build different structures to create new artifacts and soldiers to form a powerful army to defend against your enemies and attack them. Get resources from nature and be careful not to run out of money and food or you may be in a difficult situation.

Technical aspects of the game Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader displays classic graphics and a catchy soundtrack, as well as amazing effects. Each character and type of soldier is uniquely modeled to differentiate them and avoid confusion. When the time of war comes, you will need to easily recognize your troops.

The effects of the battle are good, with different animations per action and the sound of clashing swords, adding realism to the epic side of the title. The main characters have their own lyrics and they will speak for certain actions, so in case you need resources or your popularity plummets, they can do something about it.

Other alternatives

This type of games has been very popular in the history of PC gaming. There are many titles available like Crusader Kings II that will show the story in a more animated way than in the books. If you like the Stronghold series you have another alternative available. Stronghold Legends is another game that will allow you to freely enjoy epic battles.

Characteristics of Stronghold Crusader

Here are the unique features of Stronghold Crusader:

  • The game takes place in the Middle East during the time of the Crusades
  • Four campaigns: First, Second and Third Crusades and a Crusade Road with 50 missions
  • Each mode offers many battles like Heraclea, the Siege of Jerusalem or the Siege of Antioch
  • Each chapter must be finished with the initial resources. The chapters increase in difficulty with more Kings opponents against whom to defend your land.
  • Multiplayer mode with up to 8 players
  • A variety of weapons and structures such as the Baltic Fire Tower, the Trebuchets, the Siege Tower or the Werewolf Lance
  • Skirmish mode that allows players to fight up to 7 enemies and make alliances
  • Play as Richard Lionheart or Saladin the Sultan
  • Wide range of units to order: Assassins, Slaves, Swordsmen, Archers …
  • Map Editor to design your scenario as you want

Stronghold Crusader Free Download Full Version For Pc


Stronghold Crusader is a good opportunity to relive the story in real-time strategy format. Once the download is complete, you will be ready to be part of these past events.

Demo version: some functions are restricted

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