Meet Your Browncoat Astronaut

You should, of course, read all of the crew profiles, but in the end you might want to spend a little extra time on Mission Specialist Steven R. Swanson via his bio and interview. You can see him at the end of this set of pictures. Swanson, as we know now is our intrepid Browncoat astronaut, currently carrying Fireflyand Serenity to the International Space Station aboard the shuttle Atlantis. Addendum (09 June): Here’s a short excerpt from his interview, linked above, that might be of some interest and/or amusement to Browncoats.

We’ve been talking about a lot of work going on on the outside of the station and the shuttle. There’s work inside, too. What are you guys doing, to be doing inside of the station for a week or so?

Well, we’re doing stuff just to help the station crew members themselves; that’s our main job, too, while we’re there. They need supplies, for one, so we’re bringing them some new supplies, from food to all sorts of things, and new computers. So we’ll be giving them as much as we can handle. Our payload being so large has limited our ability to give them a lot. But we will still have some stuff to give them and we will then take some of their stuff away, their trash, whatever, that they want to get rid of or bring back down to Earth, or to Houston. We’ll take that from them and load it into our middeck lockers or wherever we can, and bring that back for them.

Emphasis added.