BREAKING ATMO - Serenity to ISS on STS-117

Can't Stop The Signal

29 Jun
Since the photos of the Firefly and Serenity DVDs were released, the news has been making its way around, mostly on blogs affiliated with various media outlets. It hit Idiot Box (The Oregonian), TV Squad (AOL), Pop Candy (USA Today), and Boldly Go (Houston Chronicle). And today a link to the photos appears on IMDb, as the third item on their "Hit List". That last link is generating the highest level of single-day traffic ever for Breaking Atmo. And, of course, if you missed it, there was this over on WHEDONesque.

"We're all just floating."

(tee hee)

That, of course, would be the reaction of one Joss Whedon. You might know who he is.