SIGMA THEORY Download Pc Game

Sigma Theory Free Download is decorated in a political-fiction thriller-spying style, inspired by the popular serialize tv in the style of Homeland – in House of Cards.

The game was developed in think pc users and mobile devices, but also for its appearance meets the French studio Mi-Clos, it is also out the space strategy.

The title opens before us a dark picture of the future, in which the greatest world powers compete with each other acts of war for the conquest of technological superiority over its competitors. In the game, you play the role of boss of the powerful spying organization on the huge power, and our task-for leadership in the arms race and undermine the actions of competitors.

An essential element of our work is of maximum efficiency, so that all actions are constantly evaluated vertically , the decision maker of our “being or not being” in the organization.

The pressure and expectations of leaders contribute to the fact that in the work repeatedly the need to resort to impure, and immoral technical, but also to resolve all the consequences of our decisions. Among the methods of action are, because, in particular, so reprehensible acts,

such as the supply of weapons of terrorists, operating on the territory of the country we want to destabilize. The action of the game takes place in turn-based system, and one of the features Sigma Theory Download Crack is a vast layer of role play, with programmings the world and a wide variety of characters and organizations.

SIGMA THEORY Download Pc Game

Unlike popular games and spy ware movies (eg, born under the sign of Tom Clancy) in the history and presentation of the game did not go through many elements of science fiction.

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