Category: Shooting Games

Shooting games are indispensable on the internet and are available in countless variations.

Shooting games with 3D graphics or hand-drawn graphics and many other visual styles are available. If you want to end the reign of terror of some villains, you have to fire your weapon at the right moment. Can you handle all the thrill of the online shooting games in this category? But there are not only the brutal games from 18.

For you do not always have to aim only at the bad guys. Of course, there are also games of the age 12 and over in the harmless version, such as the soccer game “Soccertastic”, where you can try a completely different kind of shooting ability. How many goals can you score against this relentless virtual goalie? In “Bloons” use the monkey to pop many colorful balloons or hit with a rush of magazines in “Newspaper Boy Brutal”.

Shooting games for children or in multiplayer mode – here everyone really gets their money and it can spend a few minutes in between or even endless hours of shooting in all variations – standing, sitting, lying, while chases, from the sky or under water. Just make sure that you always target the right targets in all these free games.

You can be here, whoever you want, no matter if a killer as a stick figure, an Iron Man or a hero of the skies in games with impressive 3D graphics. This is where you are in the right place, if you are looking for exactly that. There is something for everyone. Try it!