Category: Sci-Fi Games

You fly with a giant spaceship through the endless expanse of space, enter strange planets and explore new solar systems. Pretty much anything is possible in Sci Fi Games, because they are set in the future and thus contain the most daring ideas of what might even become reality. In doing so they combine science, that is, science, with imaginary stories, “fiction”.

Often books, films or games of this genre have to do with breathtaking technology and escaping into outer space and most of the time the earth, as we know it, plays a secondary role.

However, in Science Fiction games, as the name says, it’s not all about stars and planets, because less rosy prospects for the future of the earth are also part of the genre. For example, apocalyptic themes are also commonplace.

So games are also part of the Sci Fi Games, where the whole world order is turned upside down and few people survive at all – be it because of a plague, an attack, or simply as a result of the carefree way of life of humanity, destroying the planet has fallen.

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