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From the past make a clean sweep . In the grip of uncontrollable zombification, Raccoon City ended up atomized. In defiance of logic, Umbrella, the mysterious corporation that believed itself all with its battery of viruses, was simply dismantled by the US government after being forced into bankruptcy. That’s how, with one stroke of the hand, Capcom swept through nine years of twisted intrigue to get his flagship series back on a new footing.

Originally, Resident Evil 4 should have reported the infiltration of Leon S. Kennedy, the young cop of Resident Evil 2, in the humid Umbrella premises. Finally, we find him six years later released in the middle of Hispanic backtrack, in the footsteps of Ashley, the kidnapped daughter of the President of the United States. But the work of investigation starts rather badly.

All the villagers in the area seem to be suffering from an inexplicable paranoia, which drives them to stalk Leon relentlessly, armed with their scythes, their axes and their chainsaws. On the point of giving in, Kennedy will survive only the sound emanating from an old steeple, located in the heart of the village. As if appeased, the villagers disappear in turn behind a mysterious closed door, on which appear no less strange insignia.

For our secret agent, the knell will not ring right away … It’s not blood flowing in our veins …By recycling a nine-year-old gameplay , the Resident Evil seriesran the risk of ending up in the state of decomposition too. A simple observation that pushed Shinji Mikami to take himself back in hand his creation, after three first drafts all rejected. And since you can do almost anything when you ride a big car, Mikami has decided to put an end to all the lame conventions of the series, to totally upset his approach to horror and action.

A true metamorphosis. Now, Resident Evil is played at shoulder height, on the spot, with a Leon immutably placed on the left. This is the end of twisted camera angles and confined environments. Welcome to rich, open and especially sublime 3D decorations. But really. Look no further for the new standard meter in terms of realization on consoles, it is there.Resident Evil 4 offers a programming lesson to the entire brotherhood. It’s goldsmith’s work.

It’s great Capcom, finally out of his torpor. All environments seem to have been created with incredible application, attention to detail. The effects of fog, lighting candles, driving rain on a wooden dam, blood geysers, candlesticks, Leon’s jacket, facial animations …

it’s masterful. Collision detection is just as impressive, with the palette of animations changing dramatically depending on the location. The villagers can wring themselves in pain by holding what’s left of their knees, being pushed three meters further under the pump’s discharge, finish burned alive by their own torch …

At this point,and words are not enough anymore. You have to see the game in motion and shut up.  Leaving to deny a little, Capcom corrected mainly with Resident Evil 4 all the frustrating and obsolete aspects of the old gameplay . Often criticized for its rigid handling that transformed the characters starched puppets, the series has decided to make a new skin, new angle of view requires. Well, we stay on familiar ground: the character always pivots on an axis, he still can not shoot while walking, we have to keep B pressed to make him run, the trigger to aim.

But despite these constraints, the movements seem much more natural in this new configuration. In fact, only the absence of strafecan really shock, especially for fans of FPS who would like to shift quietly or enjoy a cover to adjust the targets. Capcom said he wanted to keep the feeling of anxiety linked to a limited field of vision. One can understand it, but one is de facto often obliged to pivot unnecessarily to move a small meter.

That said, the developers have developed a system of contextual actions to avoid complications. A big button Has a little too light appears on the screen following the situations, whether to put a kickto throw the opponent on the ground, or to break a window and find himself two floors lower. Other tips are welcome to facilitate the aim, as the light beam of guns that rounded to indicate that the target is in play, or the knife, accessible without problem by long pressing the left trigger. And now, the health and ammo gauges appear directly on the screen. And Leon can finally reload his weapons with a simple manipulation. What to avoid many unnecessary breaks.


Capcom had promised: there will not be any zombie in Resident Evil 4. We thought about a joke, but no. You will never explode the head of a good old zombie. Having passed the status of threat, capable of stopping any Jill Valentine in two bites, to that of cannon fodder, our dear zombie had finally paid its slowness and stupidity over the episodes. That’s why we see for this episode a parade of new enemies, much more aggressive and equally disturbing. For example, villagers and monks can climb ladders, throw their axes, blow in their torches, encircle you, get on, cut you off, decapitate you … We do not laugh anymore. Finally at the beginning.

Resident Evil 4 Pc Game Free Download

Because farmers pound hard and pursue you relentlessly, but they also tend to stay stupidly grouped, or to rush towards you before stopping at two meters, three meters, to give you time to lodge one or two bullets in the orbits. To avoid turning the game into a long session of humiliation that would end up drunk, the AI ​​ remains fairly simple, even if the number is often enough to compensate for such gaps. Of course, other powerful enemies make a first appearance in this new episode but we prefer to leave you the surprise of the discovery.

Just be aware that villagers are nothing compared to what is coming next, and that the names other powerful enemies make a first appearance in this new episode but we prefer to leave you the surprise of the discovery. Just be aware that villagers are nothing compared to what is coming next, and that the names other powerful enemies make a first appearance in this new episode but we prefer to leave you the surprise of the discovery. Just be aware that villagers are nothing compared to what is coming next, and that the namesEl Gigante or Regenerator will come haunt your mind. Because the game is generally quite difficult, without being frustrating.

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