Category: Racing Games

In this fast-paced game genre, you can release your inner speed demon. It does not matter if you have a car or a go-cart, a boat or a bike – If the goal of the game is to be the fastest, then this category is for you.

For the horse lovers (or friends of horse betting) among you there are games in which your favorite animals are used. Some of these games are cartoons, others are mega-realistic and many are built according to the laws of physics. Especially the games in which races with stunts occur.

Or the games where you build your own vehicle and then go to the start of the race. Here not only skills but also knowledge is required! Make sure you put your racing right here, otherwise everything will collapse when it matters!

And besides, in general, these games are never enough to be the fastest. Of course you also have to keep your wheels (or legs) on the ground. In all these games, one of your goals is not to fall over or overthrow. Crashed cars (or trucks or robots) do not win races.