Referring to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series offers players the opportunity to build a crazy roller coaster and other attractions, with which we try to attract more visitors.

Another attraction is the ability to follow individual customers as well as the need to meet their needs and desires. The player can at any time close to see your investment, and modify it for the money earned, so as to best reach the tastes of the visitors.

Download Planet Coaster Crack is a strategy and economic game, in which the main task of the player is to create a theme park and the proper management of an investment created.

The game revolves around the creation of a modern elevator, and other attractions play a secondary role. When designing the player has complete freedom in choosing the leitmotif of the whole place, and how these finally look round. The decision on the amount of crazy turns or even their height also belongs only to the player. Constructed works can be freely accessed using the 3D camera and on this basis to make changes to the entire structure.

The player must also take care of the financial aspect of the investment created. Manage ticket prices in different areas, trying to raise additional funds, which will allow him to develop the project. The whole process is so complicated that park visitors, customers have their desires – to maximize profits and not lose their trust, you must constantly take care of their needs and satisfaction.


Title of the artwork is very good, and refers to the standards set by a series of Download RollerCoaster Tycoon. Camera view can freely look at the current situation and, if necessary, zoom in and look at the whole from a different perspective.

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