PES 2018 Download Free Pc Game Full Version

General information – PES 2018

The next edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 football series Download from Konami. The production can always take part in various competitions, guided by teams of different leagues and the national teams play.

In recent years, Konami has created an angle view of the PC consecutive editions of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Free Download series, which are only the recipients have received the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, nor what the users of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

They instead delivered most of the game known for new material and graphics, which was closer to the latest genes. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Free has broken this strange trend and offers you PC-experience and technology very similar to the one we are dealing with the latest machines from Sony and Microsoft.

In addition, only in a version for “blaster”, PS4 and players have received Xone edition of FC Barcelona, ​​where there are agents (for example for use in myClub) and virtual currency.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Torrent Downloading in one version for the Windows PC platform is an extension of the ideas used in the previous installment.

The developers Konami introduced a system of Real Touch +, responsible for the control of the ball by the players. Although it was already available before, now the system takes into account many parts of the body of the players, so that we see in the field approvals various animations, główkowaniu, dripping, etc.

Another improvement is to change the pace of the game. It was slightly slowed down to make it a little more realistic. In addition, we have experienced strategic dribbling, giving more opportunities to control the ball and improved Ens pieces (kicks and penalties).

game modes

In addition to the classic game modes, for example. Keeping the team selected throughout the season, there was also news. We lived at the network cooperative for two and three people. Selecione also returned random match, with new features. It’s fun to point to a few teams, all following the game randomly picks players for our mixed team.

technical issues

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download Crack offers a nicer graphic design than the previous one. Konami used the real studio capture technology so we see on the screen the players moving more realistically.

In addition, the models have changed – they are now much more refined; clothes fit better, and in the case of teams that cooperate with the promoter (eg FC Barcelona) care that the game moved tattoo players. In addition, there are better-looking stadiums, more accurately mapped grass and better lighting in mid-day and evening matches.

PES 2018 Download Free Pc Game Full Version


Among the other attractions that await players in the Evolution Soccer 2018 Pro is the integration of the PES League myClub modes, network co-opem and selecione random match. Plus changed the user interface and menus.

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