Need for Speed Carbon Download For Pc Free Full Version

Need for Speed ​​Carbon is an arcade-oriented racing video game developed by Electronic Arts. Become the boss of Palmont City  In Need for Speed ​​Carbon, the player takes part in crazy races in the city and in the Californian canyons. The goal is to conquer the neighborhoods of Palmont City (the gambling city) one by one until its full control.

To do this, the player must win self-muscled races that take place at night, aboard tuned racers at will. These are real events of drag, drift, against the clock, etc. The more races the player wins, the more he gains in reputation and the more he wins territories.

Build a team of pilots  To make things easier, the player can set up his own team of drivers to help him win races. They each have a specific role. We first find the blocker which as the name suggests is used to block other drivers. Then come the scout who knows the roads as his pocket and can guide the player to the right paths.

Finally, the aspiros is used to reach speeds of madness by placing just in front of the pilot so that he can enjoy the suction. As a leader and to establish domination, the player must take care to put out of harm’s way the other leaders of teams. He must also pay attention to the police and their roadblocks,

Ultra-customizable cars  Need for Speed ​​Carbon places a lot of importance on its cars. Little by little, the player is led to collect them and display them in his garage as works of art. We find BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, Dodge and more. Everything is customizable on Need for Speed ​​Carbon vehicles .

It is possible to buy rims, sills, bumpers, change the color of vehicles, suspensions, tires, but also to design its own parts through a modeling tool. Kits to boost the engines are of course also part to be the best on the track. What the demo offers  In the Need for Speed ​​Carbon demo we offer for download, you have access to three vehicles :

Need for Speed Carbon download for pc

Chevy Camaro SS, Lamborghini Gallardo and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Alongside three teammates, you are put in front of a team of four Scorpions. You will begin to test your ability to achieve beautiful controlled drifts . The more you do and control your drifts, the more points you earn. It’s as simple as that.

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