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NBA 2K17 , as every year, offer us a basketball experience of the most realistic. But beyond the teams, latest generation graphics and proposed modes, this is a very specific novelty that catches our attention: the My Career mode is it really at the height of what we were entitled to hope ?

The NBA experience or the story of an overbid

If NBA 2K had strives to improve graphics and playability in previous editions, the 2K17 vintage draws our attention to an important point: the reworking of the My Career mode. 2K Sports puts us in the shoes of a high school student at the time of choice . Tempted by several universities, he is finally selected in the draft with, at the end of the road, the hope of becoming a superstar of the NBA.

However, do not expect to spend a full year in high school and participate in all NCAA games of the season: the game will be summarized in four games , governed by the rules of each competition.

But the interest of 2K Sports is not limited to the professional side: the idea is also to accompany the sportsman in his daily life and this is where the game surprises. Orchestrated by Spike Lee , Fashion Career reviews all the clichés of the genre.

Coming from a poor African-American family, you learn basketball under the auspices of your twin sister who will teach you the ropes. The game will not spare you the cinematic scenes in which your parents repeat how much they sacrificed for you. As a result,

these commonplaces lose all their meaning if you personalize the character by lending him your traits or by assigning him a different ethnic origin. The vagaries of genetics immediately take on a comical dimension that does not really stick to the content.

In spite of these oddities, MaCarrière brings a lot of good ideas: you will make important decisions about your professional future and will receive the support of real players, like Stephen Curry. Too bad we can not interact with the characters in different sequences of the story.

But NBA 2K17 does not stop there. Even if this new mode My Carreer is the main asset put forward in the promotion of this NBA 2K17, the creators have not been idle on the other modes of the game. We will also find a mode My Team , replica of the Ultimate Team of FIFA 16 version basketball. We can also organize matches just for fun and take advantage of online terms offered by the game.

In terms of teams, in addition to the current NBA formations, NBA 2K16 offers 12 classic teams, including the 2003 Mavericks allas or the 2000 Portland Trail Blazers. European basketball fans will be able to choose between the 25 teams of the Euro league , which we already had in NBA 2K16 .

A flawless finish

2K Sports strives throughout the editions to improve its copy and this latest version brings two new interesting. Defense reinforcement and attacking poster technique are now done with a single button, making the gesture much more intuitive.

By holding down a button, we will also see the symbol of a ball on some players, assigned to this button. A good way to get timely and effective assistance , which allows to better visualize the possible passes.

As for graphics, NBA 2K17 again plays the card of excellence. The animation of the stadiums, the expressions of the players reach a level of realism rarely obtained in a game of sport. It will be appreciated more on Xbox 720 and PS4 because, it is clear, 2K did not realize this year the best port on PC of his career.

The NBA as if you were there

NBA 2K16 is once again the must-have basketball simulator. The wealth of fashion, realism, winks to the past, make it a must for all fans of the genre. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of it.

NBA 2K17 Download on a Windows PC is one of the hits of the famous video game series NBA 2K. Like the previous section, so this was created by a well-deserved team of Visual Concepts, an editing party took over the company 2K Games, which has in its catalog series like Borderlands, Civilization or Bio shock by Sid Meier.

The production was released in two versions – regular and branded Kobe’ego Bryant Legend Edition, but designed only for the owners of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Mechanical NBA game play 2K17 Telecharger not undergone major changes compared to the edition of last year.

So, it’s a basketball simulator, trying to reproduce as faithfully as possible the actual struggles of teams playing in the NBA, but not only. The production has appeared for several national teams Dream Team, which played in the United States in 1992, the 2016 team and the Australian baby boomers, namely.

A team representing Australia. NBA 2K17 Downloadgaming offers standard modes, including quick match or online meetings, and also allows you to play in MyGM and MyLeague, which allows us not only to participate in the next sports wrestling, but also in various activities related to the team execution, for example. During the project.

In addition, players can change the number of visual aspects of their teams, for example. To change the logo or costumes. Among the other elements is a facial recognition system, which appeared in the series for the first time in NBA 2K15.

Both its debut version, and is made available in the next section has not been error-free and often play instead of the virtual counterparts of the players created a variety of strange creatures. The system has been refined, however, and in the last opus works just better. In technical terms Windows PC does not pass major changes.

NBA 2k17 Download Pc

Developers, of course, introduced some improvements to the engine, but the graphic revolution can not say. However, the game still looks good and sometimes reminiscent of TV shows NBA 2K17 Download .

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