Microsoft Flight Simulator X Free Download

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the ultimate flight simulator . Realistic and complete, it allows to fly planes in conditions close to reality, but remaining quietly installed behind his PC.

Be careful however, Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a simulator in the purest tradition of the genre. The grip is very complex, and the pleasure of play is proportional to the realism of the whole. Only true enthusiasts will be satisfied.

The demo, all in French, offers two modes of play: mission and free flight. The first is, as its name indicates, a mission to achieve a specific goal (like landing on a moving truck, rescuing a fallen pilot, dropping bombs on a target, etc.).

The free flight meanwhile does not fulfill any purpose except the pleasure of flying in the pure state … if you manage to master the piloting controls!

Microsoft Flight Simulator X also offers a multi-player online mode : it is possible to share the cabin, be guided at take-off and landing, etc.

Side appliances, there is the choice, especially as 21 new models have been included. No fighter planes, but airliners (Airbus A321, Boeing 737 and 747), transport (Douglas DC-3), or lighter airplanes type Cessna.

Finally, know that Microsoft Flight Simulator X allows you to fly in a “real” world, with “real” airports, “real” air traffic and “real” scenery. Very pleasant.

A complete and “serious” game, among the classics, which will delight the fans but may leave the marble players looking for a grip and an immediate pleasure.

Moreover, we propose you to slip into the cockpit of a Boeing 747 thanks to Flight Simulator X, the reference of the sector, which we propose you to download for free on your PC. Flight Simulator X If you ask an airplane fan for his favorite game simulator, there’s every reason to believe that he’s talking to you about Flight Simulator X pretty quickly.

And that’s understandable: it’s a reference in the field. Flight Simulator X is above all the opportunity to take orders for prestigious aircraft, like the Boeing 737 and 747, the majestic Airbus A321 or the Douglas DC-3. In total, there are nearly a hundred aircraft that you can fly.

So you can go on an adventure by performing missions that will lead from one end of the world to the other. Do not imagine a monotonous game / simulator, you will have to accomplish missions as diverse as varied, including the routing of passengers, put a small plane on a moving truck, Very satisfactory models Graphically, Flight Simulator X impresses, the mobilizations of plane are quite bluffing of realism, with a level of details quite pushed and well applied textures.

The shadows and lights are laid with great care and the relationship to reality has been treated with great care. During our test, we were also pleasantly surprised by the modeling of the cockpit. All the controls are there and the dials, screens and indicator lights are functional.

The illusion is perfect. Likewise, every airport in the world has been replicated quite faithfully to the originals. The work done by the developers was pushed to its peak and we had a hard time believing what we see. In return, we must accept the fact that Flight Simulator X is quite greedy resource but believe us, this simulator is well worth this slight defect.

It is intended primarily for computers that are new and powerful enough to take advantage of the quality of general modeling. A very immersible simulator It goes without saying that Flight Simulator X is primarily intended for an audience of enthusiasts, this is the goal of a simulator.

A non-fan may get bored, despite everything, some missions that are repeated but that make all the interest of this game available on PC in French. For our part, we enjoyed immersing ourselves in this very closed world and savored the modeling of the sets, the general playability (which requires a little experience) and especially the attraction and the satisfaction of having carried out a mission .

Hardly finished our mission, we gear on the next one and the time can then pass very quickly. In any case, if you like planes, this simulator is really for you. Regular updates constantly bring new models of airplane and come enrich this game already very complete. A faultless.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Free Download


  • Allows real immersion as an airplane pilot
  • Large choice of airplane models Aircraft Modeling, Scenery and General Ambience
  • French language available
  • Hard to stop!
  • Especially for fans of planes, non-amateurs may get bored.

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