METAMORPH Free Download For Pc

Metamorph is of hybrid dungeon creature and action, with real-time strategy elements. For the creation of this production is responsible for the team of FireFly Studios, known mainly through the best-selling series of the Fortress. The title was created specifically for the Windows PC platform.

The Metamorph plot we enter a fantastic world whose inhabitants enjoyed a calm and happy life. The situation changed, however, changed dramatically, when among them began to walk to the death collected his bloody harvest. The main character, in which we have to play,

was nothing more than to go deep into the vast underground labyrinths, to find and put an end to his dangerous . Mechanical At first sight, the game process in Metamorph is based on the standard pattern, the action looks in the top-down perspective, and the player still explores the dungeons and puts the entire horde of opponents on the battlefield.

Among them predominate lead encountered in large quantities of pixie, a little less numerous but more powerful, skeletons, or, finally, with much more strength of Togolese. Given the fact that opponents have a numerical superiority, success can not guarantee, above all, the ability to strategically think and plan tactics appropriately.

It should be noted that the risks are also innumerable pitfalls – by their presence, however, you can use against the enemies. What distinguishes this title on the similar background of production, the unusual ability of the protagonist. During the adventure we collect the souls of the deceased heroes, which we can then change at any time.

We have at our disposal have given armed two swords of Rabbit, able to freeze the opponents of Ogre Ice and Fire worthy fairy controlled by the power of the flame. Individual protagonists, dissecting for unique abilities, and their appropriate choice before entering the next level of dungeons increases the chances of success.

METAMORPH Free Download For Pc

The technical issues Despite the fact that the design of the Metamorph does not affect anything particular, the production, seems pleasing to the eye. Without doubt, it is the merit slightly congresswomen style and rich colors, opponents, you can distinguish by the color. To the attention of the merit also the soundtrack,

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