Max Payne 2 Pc Game Free Download

The years have passed since the dark episode of Valkyrie. The city of New York is rid of this drug. The network has been dismantled. Max Payne has avenged his wife and daughter … But the pain is still present and the honest cop has become a tank for alcohol and tobacco … Now an inspector, Max Payne has resumed the course of his life. He did not forget eitherMona Sax, which he also lost during this dark period …

He is on the verge of suicide every day being a real ordeal.  One day, he receives the order to control a warehouse belonging to Max’s only friend and last friend: Vladimir Lem, the head of the Russian Mafia. Arrived at the scene, a shooting starts and a horde of agents tries to kill the new inspector.

While  fleeing, Max Payne comes face to face with Mona Sax, the girl he is in love with and who was supposed to be dead. Max decides to meet Lem at his restaurant for explanations. Arrived at the restaurant of Vladimir, Max participates in the settling of accounts between the Russians of Vladimir Lem and the Italians of Vinnie Gognitti. Payne manages to save Lem and gets his explanations. Lem explains to him that Gognitti is gaining strength in the city and that he is becoming a great threat.

Some time later, Max Payne receives a visit from Mona Sax.  Mona runs away but Max is trapped. After somehow, he manages to escape and finds Mona Sax in a hideout. The latter explains that the Circle of Insiders, a dangerous organization already seen in the first game, has put a contract on their heads.

Fortunately, the young woman says to have a contact among the members of the Circle. Max and Mona make an appointment with the man but everything does not go as planned. A violent shooting begins and the man in question is killed.  The NYPD begins, again, to be wary of Max and stop Mona. Just arrived at the police station, a violent bomb explodes.

Cleaners arrive on site with the goal of killing Mona Sax. But the latter, rather robust, manages once again to escape. Max and Lem find Mona Sax and try to escape to better prepare for the final battle. However, Max will have time to enjoy just a kiss before the arrival of cleaners, more determined than ever …

Max Payne 2

The game is once again very well received. The main highlights of the game are the well thought out scenario and a permanent  action. However, a small weak point comes out: The game’s relatively short life, despite a fairly high difficulty. However,Max Payne 2 receives a shower of awards and Max becomes more endearing, all suggests that a third installment will arrive in a short time … However, it will be 9 years to see the return of Max Payne …

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