Mafia 3 Free Download For Pc

Moving Mafia III Download to New Orleans from the sixties and seventies of the last century (the story begins exactly in 1968). The main character will be told the story Clay Lincoln, who fought in the Wietian War, and is now in the structure of the local mafia family.

However, his “colleagues” are betrayed and brutally murdered by the Italian group with a certain Salem Marcano head. Lincoln will therefore be looking for revenge on the Italian Don and his subordinates, and help him in the other gangsters, including known other parts of the Mafia Vito Scaletta is derived from the Irish gangster, Burke. Further details on the scenario will be announced in theFuture Free Mafia III .

The game will run entirely in New Orleans (as well as the surrounding, swampy areas), which will be the foundation of a much larger one than those known from the previous two parts of the series. And also much more open. It can not be denied that the Mafia III in this respect will be closer to the Grand Theft Auto than ever before.

And it is not enough that after New Orleans, we will be able to move freely, but most of all is that missions outside feature films in the streets of the city, you will find many quests secondary (more or less complex). The world of gambling in addition filled busy with various resident business (whether a date with her beloved / lover, or shopping or sipping a beer after work),Mafia III Download New Orleans is simply about living.

Five years have passed since Mafia 2 and it seems that this new component marks a turn in the franchise. With a trailer of the most promising and a story of family taking, Mafia 3 takes a new start while in force.

An offer that we can hardly refuse

Mafia 3 is the story of Lincoln Clay. Nothing to do with the Italian mafia as we know it. This is about putting yourself in the shoes of a veteran of the Vietnam War, to whom fortune has always played dirty tricks.

Orphaned before enlisting in the army, he left for Vietnam. On his return, like many soldiers, Clay is struggling to regain his place in American society . Finally, he ends up joining the ranks of a clan. And there, his world rocks.

The Mafia will decimate their adoptive family as a result of a struggle for control of a territory. The thirst for revenge is therefore the starting point of this story. To triumph, you will have to join small groups of delinquents and weave, little by little, a network on New Orleans that will eventually overcome the Mafia.

Hard action

The open world of Mafia 3 invites you to explore the city in complete freedom. You will gain experience, know-how, intelligence to face the difficult situations that result from your opposition to the Italians. If you have to fight most of the time with firearms , stealthy advances and hand-to-hand combat are not excluded.

Mafia 3 Free Download For Pc

Moving from organized New York or Chicago crime in the 1950s to New Orleans in 1968 was a bold bet. A tour de force successful, anyway . Hanger 13, the author of the game, has a lot to offer us. Contributes to magic, it’s true, the soundtrack with the mythical hits of the time.


Mafia 3 will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 between April and December 2016 .

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