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Mortal Kombat is back in a way reminiscent of Street Fighter IV. The difference here is that Mortal Kombat Complete Edition is not just a new episode, but a reboot that resets the principle of the series . The new development team at the helm of Mortal Kombat Complete Edition takes the essence of the saga, while adding new game modes, new finishers and especially impressive gameplay.

A Mortal Kombat very Complete  The new Mortal Kombat Complete Edition is no longer just typical multilayer modes and tournaments. There is now a story mode , a novelty for the games in the series. The story mode takes the scenario of the saga. From your first clash to the final duel, you can learn more about some of Mortal Kombat Complete Edition’s characters.

We will discover why the ninja have become cyborg or why Jax, the strong military, has a bionic arm.  Other game modes are present, such as online mode or Tag mode . But if these are novelties for the Mortal Kombat series, regulars fighting games are familiar with these modes of play.

You can also face the challenge tower , in which each floor represents a new event that will earn you money. Some of these challenges are really original, like having to fight upside down, without arms or without legs … The money you earn by finishing these tests can then be used in the Necropolis to unlock all kinds of bonuses.

The novelties of Mortal Kombat Complete Edition, however, have nothing revolutionary. The game incorporates all the latest updates of the game and a rebalancing of the characters. Four new fighters will also appear: Scarlet, Kens hi, Rain and Freddy Krueger.

Classic controls.  Despite all the changes in graphics and gameplay, the classic fighting Mortal Kombat have not been retouched: attacks and special moves are always the same. Fatalities are of course back, with the savagery that usually characterizes them.

The  controls are perfect and the gaming experience is as good as ever since the beginning of the saga.  As for the new features of this Mortal Kombat Complete Edition, it is now possible to use powerful shots thanks to the new energy bar. Once the bar is full, you can use the special “X-ray” shot that will show you, in addition to doing damage, damaged bones like on an X-ray.

A Quality finish  Regarding the technical aspect of Mortal Kombat Complete Edition, everything seems very worked. The effects of the fatalities and X-ray shots are very successful, even if the palm of the most beautiful graphics undeniably returns to the sets.

The details in the background are numerous and beautiful : cars, dragons, storms … The result is spectacular and allows you to see the scenery of high quality.    Regarding the soundtrack, it is unfortunate that the game lacks consistency. While the story mode dialogues are dubbed in French (with a remarkable effort on dubbing), the voices are in English in all other modes of play. Too bad, even if the soundtrack of the game and quality and accompanies very well the fights.

Our verdict  Mortal Kombat Complete Edition is an essential purchase for all fans of the saga or fighting games . The game play is impeccable, many game modes, and especially Mortal Kombat is still as fun and wild as the original. The series is back, to the delight of all fans.  In other words, it’s about the continuation of a very successful Mortal Kombat in 2011.

Of course, the basics of the game have remained unchanged. Two warriors – chosen from a pool of such iconic characters as Maiden, Scorpio and Sub-Zero – respond to the arena in a distant surreal landscape and take a bloody duel to death, which is often crowned spectacularly violent “fatality”.

Mode, you can play both simple and multi-player – in the case of the first fights take place as part of the story of the campaign, which treats rich enough, to struggle, history.  In the “top ten” there were also innovations to his predecessor. Mortal Kombat X Download e They result to a certain extent  from the fact that the title of this part of the action takes place in the same 25 years after the events of previous views.

Therefore, some missing warriors, and in their place are new characters (because even Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny and Sonya is modeled on the Aztec gods Kotal Kahn). In addition, each player is now available in several variants, which differ from each other tactics used, fighting style and blocks available. Was also a place for arenas still unknown.

In addition,the expansion has lived to see the network functions – players can ride clashes within the global struggle for dominance,where the situation and the image of the world are constantly changing with each duel has been played. In addition,  It is worth mentioning that the game wyładniała clearly compared to its predecessor.

Mortal Kombat X

This is mainly thanks to the fact that the Mortal Kombat X was given the eighth generation consoles (Xbox and Playstation 4).

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