LAST YEAR Free Pc Game Download

Download Free Year is a survival horror game, developed by the independent studio Elastic Games – the composition of the team of experienced developers, who have already worked on series Far Cry, Hitman and Tomb Raider.

The name attracts handles of the splasher movie, and has been released on Windows PC platforms, thanks to the success of the fund raising campaign in the Kick starter service.

Last year’s Core mechanics is asymmetrical in a multiplayer mode, designed for up to six people. While the brave five takes control of stereotypical, American teenagers, sixth assumes the role of a hunter on them a maniac.

Whatever the form, the action is introduced from the perspective of the first person (FPP). During the games, each has its strictly a role among Czerniak appear the specialists of medicine, technology and athletes, allowing support feeding, and the key to success is the collaboration,

the appropriate use of the strengths of each character and extraction of raw materials, thanks to which you can create a sword. In the fight we first use a me lee weapon, but there is the possibility of building more exotic tools, the type of bombs, prepared in the dining room or laundry service.

Individuals of the murderer also include different abilities – while The Strangler suffocates the victim, and takes them to remote areas of the host, aggressive The Slasher makes the use of knives, raised a rebellion, and even the saw.

In addition, at the disposal of the executioners was introduced the so-called Predator mode, which made their invisible, and they are almost blows for a potential victim.

The task, the value at the front of the youth, is to come out alive from this nightmare unfolded before their eyes, executioners, in turn, must make every effort for the blood to flow into the streams.

The contractions are going in different positions – from the East Side High School, in the mall and suburbs, to a summer camp. On each of the maps are useful objects and various shelters, as well as the place, ideal for the preparation of an ambush.

LAST YEAR Free Pc Game Download

The technical issues of the last year on the Windows PC platform works on the basis of Unreal Engine 4 technology, thanks to which the graphics looks classy.

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