Category: Horror Games

Hello horror fan. We have some great horror games here for you! Bring your nightmares to life and experience scary thrills with a healthy dose of awesome games that will keep you awake at night – of course, to play! Okay, maybe you will start to scare yourself at nocturnal sounds. Or ask you what is hidden under your bed.

New and classic characters from the world of scary pop culture are waiting for you, such as the Slender Man. There are also a lot of Halloween-themed games, from more innocuous variants like the Bubbleween Ghoulian bubble shooter, to the cute and cheeky ones like the graphically appealing “Trick for Treats”, where you steal sweets, to the really scary ones, like “Ghostscape 3D”, where escape seems impossible, but your only hope is survival.

And yes, there are also tons of zombie games (with an imagery that will memorize your mind)! Instead of just watching your favorite horror movie, live it online and sharpen your mental and hand-eye coordination. But be warned: the titles in this category are free and fun, but most of them are not for the faint-hearted!