Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Free Download For Full Version Pc

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is an undercover video game released in 2002. It can be played on Windows PCs as well as on Xbox,GameCube and PlayStation consoles. This game edited by Eidos Interactive and developed by IO Interactive can be played by a player.

The minimum age required is 16 years old. The demo mode allows players to discover the world of the game, the weapons and its various features and the sensations they will experience during their mission. Before the game: The installation The driver volume of the demo is 48.4 MB.

The installation is intuitive and takes less than 3 minutes. Settings are provided before starting the game. The following options are available: Blood: Show Blood, that is to say the authorization of gore scenes. We then adjust the graphics and the resolution.

All you have to do is click on “Save and launch” to start playing. Synopsis of the Hitman 2 demo: Silent Assassin The nostalgic of the agent 47, the man with the barcode in the neck will help the latter to return to the service in this second opus of Hitman. In the demo, he will complete the mission “Anathema” during which he will have the mission to save the father Vittorio who was abducted by the mafia and sequestered by Don Guise Guilliano Villa Burghese.

According to his agency’s Diana briefing, he will have to neutralize Don Guiseppe Guilliano, take the keys of the prison on him, deliver Vittorio and flee from the base by following a map. Like all professional killers, he will act with speed, dexterity and great caution to kill his enemies as silently as  possible.

He will have several weapons in his possession to attack and reach the end of his mission. The abilities of the agent 47 During his mission, Agent 47 will use his physical and intellectual faculties to attack without leaving any trace behind him. It will be possible for him to put his enemies to sleep with chloroform by attacking them from behind.

The officer will also have to walk on tiptoe to avoid being spotted. It will blend gently into the scene when it will be necessary to save his friend while mastering the guards. Moreover, they will not fail to shoot him when they consider him a shaved man suspect.

This killer will be able to strangle his targets by using a piano string. The latter was also one of his favorite weapons in the first chapter of Hitman. He just needs to glide discreetly behind his enemy and pass the rope around his neck to kill him. 47 will have to prove his sniper skills as he will have to stand in ambush and shoot at his objective with the utmost precision.

The blow must reach him to the head or the heart to be fatal. Since he can not leave corpses behind him, he will have to shoot them and hide them so that they are not discovered by the guards. Another strategy of 47 will be to infiltrate the villa pretending to be another person.

The best solution is to strip someone of their clothes and  put them on. The weapons available in this mission 47 will have to cope with the means on board to succeed in his mission. Fortunately, the agency has equipped it with some weapons and tools.

He will have to use chloroform if he does not want to  kill his victim while remaining discreet. As handguns, it will have among others a Beretta 92 SD, a 45 ACP and an AMMO  pistol as well as the appropriate ammunition. He will also have binoculars available to monitor the enemy and his base camp.

His famous rope and a tool to pick locks will complete his paraphernalia. Graphics The graphics of Hitman 2 is excellent.The player can set his game. It is possible to adjust the shadows, to show the effects of the weather or to refine the resolution. It can also display the subtitles if it wishes.

On the other hand, the 3D images are beautiful and the decor is  surprising. The architecture of the villa is also well done with details of bump mapping that attract and seduce the eye. The characters are well made, their movements are fluid and their expressions are authentic.

Handiness The game is more or less manageable. The player may have some difficulties to adapt to the different features in his debut. He must indeed discover the action of each key on the keyboard. The adventure nevertheless unfolds itself once the dexterity acquired.

It is possible to play by displaying the agent 47 on the screen just as it is possible to play in subjective camera mode and see the action through his eyes. Game modes The player has the choice between several levels of difficulty: From easy to difficult through medium. He can also save the game and pick it up where it left off.

The music The musical composition that accompanies the adventure is exceptional. It was performed by the Budapest Symphony choir and orchestra. Most The graphics are good despite some bugs. The music and the choir are exceptional The adventure is infiltration-oriented and you have to be careful and act intelligently. The lessers The handling is not very ergonomic.

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