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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is both an incredibly frustrating and frustratingly incredible game. Produced by Rockstar Games, this version of GTA for the PSP had the ability to be the biggest pocket game of all time. Unfortunately, while it’s great, there are bugs set in the game that remove its overall quality.

Playing as Vic Vance, a former soldier who, quickly in the game, is expelled from the Armed Forces, he has to make his way into violent crime and the world of drugs in 1984 Vice City (the Rockstar version of Miami) . VCS begins two years beforeThe Grand Theft Auto’s best-selling Vice City, and while the city is mostly the same, there are some structures that existin the 1986 version that are under construction or do not exist yet.

In addition, there are structures (such as the giant ferris wheel) that are in the world of 1984 and not in the later world. The attention to detail is amazing, from the detailson the ground stretching to the edge of the horizon, the world is complete. At the same time, in the years that followed Vice City, Rockstar came out with great success – and one of the greatest games of all time – GTA: San Andreas, there have been a host of advances in this last game and many of these have been incorporated into the world of Vice City Stories.

Vic makes his way through the criminal world victim of crime, taking pimps and extortionists, smugglers, thieves and drug traffickers en route to becoming a crime leader. As the game progresses, Vic can attack other gang companies (VCS version ofthe San Andreas gang wars). Explosing the car ahead will start a battle for the site, win and Vic has the opportunity to buy the property and decide the kind of criminal enterprise that will be housed there.

Every day in the game, Vic receives from his various criminal efforts, providing a steady cash flow (and an upgrade from San Andreas where you have to visit each site to collect money.)    With top-notch actors, as usual, VCS brings the Rockstar and GTA brand of humor that has existed since the game’s creation. Gary Busey and Luis Gonzalez take over their roles in the subsequent game and the colorful and humorous characters of the game add to the light and fun game.

Also, as we have expected from the GTA series, the game has a soundtrack that has been carefully selected and is faithful to the 1984 music era. There are no songs from a later period, but the sheer quality of the hours music is incredibly enjoyable.    Handling the game plays just like the larger versions of the console and experienced GTA players will be able to jump as they have been playing VCS for years. While the world looks the same, it’s not the city of vice that you played before, the water is no longer equal to death, Vic can swim, allowing for a multitude of fun boat options to fly and other fun tasks for the water.

Including among these, for the first time in a GTA game, they introduced Jet Skis, and they are available for cruising around water courses or a whole series of races or anything you can think of. In addition, there are many air options, especially helicopters and to accompany them,    The story of the VCS game takes Vic all over the city and introduces it into a great variety among the most beautiful Vice City sub-winds, while most missions are fun and challenging, the biggest drawback is that if you fail To complete a mission may take some time to return to a place to restart the mission. This is because, to truncate the game, make it work for the PSP platform,

the missions often involve three or four stops along the way, turn one of them and Vic will have to start over. While skill dependence is enjoyable, it can be frustrating to have to cross one end of the city to another to almost any other mission in almost every mission. The biggest complaint with VCS is that the game has a series of bugs. Enter the affairs of another gang to attack them and almost always enemies run directly into the walls and present no challenge. Rest outside a vehicle and often fall from the sky at random. Or worse, find yourself stuck in the middle of a sidewalk.

The police will often come right next to you, then avoid, choose instead to try to jostle you, but rather to shoot at a distance. In addition, gang wars are very simplistic and do not require much skill, and the capture of all criminal enterprises is relatively straightforward.

Gta Vice City Story

In the end, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is eminently playable, eminently entertaining, and although it has more than  the usual share of bugs, it’s one of the most enjoyable games of the year and one of the best for PSP of all time. An addictive soundtrack, excellent writing and great graphic detail make this game a game you’ll play until you beat it, and keep playing long after that.    Gameplay: 8.9   Graphics: 9.2   Sound / Music: 9.5   Overall: 8.9   Learning curve: about 10 to 15 minutes  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is available in stores all over the PSP

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