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GTA Vice City had a better soundtrack, GTA 4 has better graphics, but purists often agree: GTA San Andreas is the one that has the most marked players. This is the first game with a huge map to explore, bringing to its climax the politically incorrect spirit and feeling of freedom of the legendary Rockstar series.

GTA San Andreas takes as a backdrop the California of the 90s . You play as Carl Johnson, gangster fresh out of prison. From the first minutes, the tone is set: the police are your enemies, as well as members of the rival gangs of yours, Grove  Street Families. But you have to start by regaining your reputation!

San Andreas brings unprecedented wealth to the GTA series. The player can evolve at will in a map of several square kilometers, perform missions against a background of gang war, participate in mini-games and evolve the appearance of CJ in the smallest detail.    San Andreas, a fictitious county that represents the west coast of the United States, is a world unto itself.

From Los Santos ( trashy version of Los Angeles) to San Fierro (San Francisco) to Las Venturas (Las Vegas), this is an incomparable universe that the player can explore as he pleases.  GTA: San Andreas sparked controversy over his gratuitous violence : as in any self-respecting GTA, the player is free to steal vehicles, attack passers-by and wreak havoc.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas on PC does not includedefault multiplayer mode. However, there are several patches to fix it, like this one , available on Softonic. GTA: San Andreas is for many players the best of the GTA series. A lifetime of incomparable, a huge map to explore and the bad spirit of Rockstar to its climax: we want more!

If you are looking for the best action-adventure game, GTA San Andreas is what you want most. It was released in 2005,edited and developed by Rockstar Games. This game was released after GTA Vice City , which still has fans around the world. If you want to compare with Vice City, then you will see that Rockstar has made some good improvements in this version.

There is much more adventure as you jump from a building or flush a wall, you can use your parachute if you have one. And onthe other hand is that you can swim and dive in the deep sea that’s what is not in the old version of GTA .  In spite of that, there are also good helicopters, ships, planes and a very real graphic in the game San Andreas .

GTA san andreas

There are also some good rifles and rocket launchers that you will get as soon as you get the money and the mission in which these armor is provided. Another good option is that you can eat and drink to make your stamina. You can also join Jim to increase your muscles.

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