GHOST PLATOON Download Pc Game

Ghost Peloton on the Windows PC platform is intense FPS, developed with the idea of ​​competency’s multiplayer mode. The gameplay is fast and has the Oldsmobile nature of success requires planning and good knowledge of the card.

For the creation of this production meets independent studio Polygon Art (Operation: Arctic Hawk, Beyond Enemy Lines). Mechanics of Assumptions Spent on Windows PCs Easy Ghost Peloton – by observing the world of first-person gaming we manage our character, and the only monument in the city the goal is to defeat the enemy.

The production of the studio Polygon Art offers a wide choice of weapons and several cards, held in different conditions, we can fight, especially in the village, in the store, located in the desert, and even during a powerful storm.

Each killed the enemy guarantees us experience points, thanks to which opens your skins that change the appearance of the characters. It should be noted that this game puts in fun – here no system of classes, recruitment of equipment (weapon that we collect on the plane), nor regenerating healthy.

Ghost Peloton game modes of products, created with the idea of ​​a multiplayer mode, although, if we want, we have the opportunity to compete with the pc bots. The game allows you to play in three different modes: deathmatch (2-16 players) is normal to solve enemies.

The winner is the one who will kill the most opponents, team deathmatch (2-16 players) – the fight went in two teams, which count up to 8 people. Win this group, who will kill including a larger number of opponents. bot deathmatch – deathmatch, in which, instead of doing with opponents,

we measure with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. Game technical issues set in motion with Unreal Engine 4 technology and offers a robust visual experience.

GHOST PLATOON Download Pc Game

Ghost Peloton on a Windows PC, of ​​course, not the most beautiful shooter on the market, but, rather, here, has nothing to be ashamed in the competition with other games in its segment.

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