Fortnite: “Lightning fast” mode: The most important information at a glance

The lightning fast mode in Fortnite is only available for a limited time. So that you do not rush into the adventure of the Battle Royale battle unprepared, you will learn in our practical tip what constitutes the game mode.

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How to play Blitz fast mode in Fortnite

How to play Blitz fast mode in Fortnite

The popular Battle Royale Game Fortnite offers totally free thrilling PvP battles and regularly provides time-limited modes for variety. You can join Lightning Fast mode as either a team or solo. When selecting via the “Change Mode” button at the bottom right, note that these are different queues. If you play in a team, you can also decide whether your group should be filled up with random members or not.

These features are lightning fast

  • On as you jump off the bus, you will see the zone on the map.
  • This shortens the average playing time from the last 25 minutes to about 15 minutes.
  • You already notice in the waiting lobby that you have opted for the lightning-fast mode: On the island on which you start before departure, the storm rages.
  • The spawn rate of the chests and ammo crates is raised enormously.
  • Also the supply of supplies fall much more often from the sky: Every 80 seconds comes a new drop.
  • Resources are reduced much faster.
  • As the zone shrinks much earlier, you should quickly get the best loot and then get to the base construction.

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