Fortnite: Land faster – that’s how it works

If you want to see the lettering “Epic Victory” in Fortnite, you first have to land faster. Because only the early bird catches the worm. We will tell you how to open the first box of the game in the following article.

Fortnite: Land faster - that's how it works

Fortnite: Get off the party bus sooner

  • Similar to the competition, as a player in Fortnite, you first get off a bus that flies over the island. This always crosses the landscape from another angle – you should never forget that.
  • This tip seems a bit obvious, but it helps a lot. The rule is that the first to get out will be the first one down below. Therefore, always get off the bus as early as possible.
  • Make sure that you always have your umbrella triggered by itself – so you are faster in most cases than the competition.
  • However, a lot of experience and feeling is needed, because if you get out too early, you probably will not reach your destination.
  • Again, there are ways and means to reach even the farthest corner on the map.
  • One possibility, of course, is to trigger the glider or parachute a little earlier, so you will not be the first on the ground.
  • The other is to press the button to trigger the slider in quick succession or “spam”. This will get you to your destination quickly, no matter how far away.

Lean forward

  • A big mistake you make as a Fortnite rookie in the Battle Royale is not to speed up his case.
  • Lean forward to fall much faster towards the ground. This works similarly in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.
  • Be sure to maintain as diagonal trajectory as possible – especially if the target is further away, as recommended above.
  • If the angle is too steep, the character may suddenly slow the case down.

Jump over low areas

  • This Fortnite hack trick may seem strange at first, but it does wonders.
  • Because if you have a mountain or a tall tree, your glider opens very early – without you being able to close it again. This significantly increases the time you need to reach the ground.
  • The solution: Shortly before the screen opens, you should be over a very low area. This means, for example, waters or valleys.
  • Particularly suitable is the river, which moves from the “Loot Lake” in the south of the island in the direction of the city “Lucky Landing”. If the screen opens over the riverbed, you have a good chance of being first even in “Tilted Towers”.


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