Flynn: Son of Crimson Download PC Game platform game action game with elements of metropolitan, developed by the independent studio Thunderhorse. Products appeared on the PC platform with Windows, and its appearance became possible thanks to the success of the fund raising campaign in the service Kickstarter.

The Flynn Plot: Son of Crimson Download Torrent transports us to a fantastic Romanticist country. Its inhabitants enjoyed a peaceful life, until there was the barrier separating from its dark of measure, called The Flail. At present the dam will crack, and Romanticist gradually exposed infernal forces that governs the sinister Lord Zea lock.

As part of the fun, you play as an eponymous hero, Flynn, of the orphan, possessing magical powers. On the shoulders of the capitalist the hero is a difficult task of containment of expansion on the part of The Scourge, until the end. Mechanical In his report,

published on the Flynn Windows PC platform: Son of Crimson Download Crack we are witnessing an action on the part. The main feature of gameplay is looking. As part of the fight, we visit the five different areas of the country Romanticist; it is Proserpine white down peak of the Mistral Peak,

wet of The Hollow Islands and Rust wood Forests, which has imbued the magic of Shivers, Spire and Sanctity Fortress, which is the base of Flynn. In addition the main character can open portals leading to The Scourge, where not only confronted on him a danger, but also helps the dens of the population of the country Romanticist.

It should be noted that the hero is not dedicated to a simple passage, if necessary, can call to him Dera, that is to say faithful to him of the mythical of the beast. In addition, not immediately everyone is in front of us a hole, so that access to a selection of sites, often requires the use of a capacity or taking possession of a specific object .

The second important element of pleasure are to the dynamics of the collision with the enemies, among which prevail the conduct mocarni patrons. For the game, the authors have prepared advanced combat system – the fights have led us in real time, and in this framework, we are using melee weapons (the Crimson Blade,

Crimson Ax ax and Crimson Claws gloves) and remote combat (Super Bow Crimson Bow), between which you can switch freely. As you progress in the adventure, the hero develops his fighting abilities, learning new techniques, paying for jewelry found on the way.

The Function Mode Complement game modes is a module in which we enter the arena and we are confronted, with a training of task developers.


Technical issues two-dimensional graphics, published for platform Windows PC games Flynn: Son of Crimson Download PC Game made in the technique of pixel art.

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