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Thunderblast in the world of football simulators! The impossible happened: the champion of the category was dethroned by his rival . you do not believe in it? Judge instead.

Three highly anticipated novelties

If we leave aside, for a moment, the comparisons, let it be said right away, FIFA 16 put the package this year. The latest edition introduces, finally, the women’s teams: no less than 12 international selections! EA Sports has not just feminized the virile behavior of its male footballers. The girls play on the pitch in a different way and guarantee more dynamic and less predictable matches.

FIFA Ultimate Team has also benefited from the contribution of FUT Draft, a welcome feature that will save you from spending hours modeling your dream team. FUT Draft offers you a random selection of players for each position . From there, you can build your training. Then you will have to play four games, more and more difficult, to get gold. This gold will allow you to buy packs of players. As a result, micropayments FIFA Ultimate Team remain optional. We can progress without spending real money.

As for the other modes, we note some small retouches, here and there. For example, career mode offers five mini-games to train and take control of the player you have just created.

As for the “Magic Moments” of FIFA 16, they are the result of the efforts undertaken by EA Sports to refine the animations, the shots, the physics … It is true that one is often bluffed by the emotion which emerges of such situations in FIFA 16. The show is one of FIFA’s strengths. And here, despite all his efforts, PES 2016 is still struggling to catch up.

Too spectacular?

So, where is the problem, will you say? It is on the level of the actual gameplay that we will take FIFA 16 in default. An example? Resume possession of the ball remains a real headache. Despite all the mechanical retouching in this new edition, the best strategy is still to wait for the attacker to commit a mistake in a pass to intercept it.

Small hassles are multiplying and spoil the fun: the automatic selection of players is more random than ever; footballers often do not take advantage of the openings you create; the goalkeepers have improved their behavior, that’s true, but we still have the impression that the shots go straight into their gloves, as if they were hiding magnets!

PES 2016 rewards your efforts, your tactical plans and teamwork . FIFA 16 tends to sacrifice all this for the benefit of the magic of the show. When the magic is there, it’s great. We will not deny it. On the other hand, when you lose for reasons that do not depend on you but on the random mechanics of the machine, emotion gives way to rage and frustration.

So, PES 2016 or FIFA 16? We are settling for PES 2016 . Controls are better, efforts more profitable, learning more fruitful, where FIFA 16 causes only a feeling of helplessness, precisely because everything is sacrificed for the show.

Note : FIFA 16 is compared to PES 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, andPS4 andXbox One PES 2016 for PC got a bad score for Softonic because of botched carry.)

However, must we sulk his pleasure? Should we necessarily give up the show? Far from it. The immersion is fantastic in FIFA 16 , the behavior of the players has gained in realism … The goalkeepers finally out of their cage to divert the ball using their fists. Many details that surprise and give the impression of attending a real match.

FIFA 16 Pc Download Free Full Version

Magic, variety, immediacy

Make no mistake. FIFA 16 is still great and new features add even more fun. Women’s teams bring variety, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft makes it easy for you and the Magic Moments are truly spectacular. Variety, show, immediate grip: if that’s what you’re looking for, FIFA 16 is for you. That said: EA Sports would do well floor on the next year’s edition if they do not want the distance between FIFA and PES increases … and not necessarily to the advantage of FIFA!

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