FIFA 15 Game Free Download For Pc

FIFA 15 comes with a new gameplay and an atmosphere around the game very realistic.

Equipped with a Next-gen graphics engine, improved animations, new physics to control the ball, a menu easier to configure to define tactics and strategies during the match, new features in the Ultimate Team and more … The new Electronic Arts football simulation holds its promise.

Greater realism

EA wants to give us a gaming experience close to reality. To do this, he introduced several innovations that affect the gameplay and animations in the field.

FIFA 15 introduces a new emotional intelligence that causes players to react dramatically to each failed pass, a goal scored or not, when a foul has not been whistled by the referee and all the game facts that involve in reality a reaction of a player. More than 600 events are planned, including the joy, desperation, anger, demonstrations and encouragement of the players, both to his teammates and against his opponents.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been improved. Your players will be able to decipher the best game situations on the field, while your rivals will change in the game tactical race depending on the circumstances of the match.

In FIFA 15, the menus to create the team and change tactics and strategy have finally been simplified and made much more usable after several years without change. One of the novelties to note is the ability to customize tactical schemes for each player. For example,

you can give a midfielder total freedom of movement, put some pressure on the opponent carrying the ball or ask your central defense to support the offensive maneuver or even ask a defender to act as a center-forward (useful if you are at a disadvantage a few minutes from the end).

During the match, in addition, you can now use two new models for team strategy : park the bus(basically, all behind) and all out attack to send the whole team to attack in desperate situations . The two new game models, modifiable in real time during the game, adds to the already existing five: ultra-defensive, defensive, balanced, offensive and ultra-offensive.

In FIFA15, new skills have been added to train you and improve your technical skills with the ball.

The Ultimate Team brings some interesting new features: the ability to create experimental teams, get players on loan, play Friendly Seasons to compete with your friends 1 on 1 with your team Ultimate Team.

Thanks to the new Match Day Live hub , you will also be able to follow the news and results of your favorite team. In sum, FIFA becomes a place where to live football, both virtual and real.

New physics, improved gameplay and better-trained guardians

FIFA 15 focuses on the gameplay. It allows dribbling more accurately, even in the race , and shoot with greater influence on the trajectory of the shots.

The control of the ball, thanks to a new physics is more sophisticated, fluid and realistic.

Your favorite champions are faithfully reproduced in their gestures and in their particular skill. For example, you can see Messi chained the dribbles with the ball or Cristiano Ronaldo release all his physical power in one against one.

In the one-on-one defensive phase for possession of the ball, the duels are much more intense: physical power and timing are essential to intercept the ball to an opponent. And if the opponent runs away, you can try the jersey draw to block his run. In addition, falls after a foul on an opponent seem more natural and realistic.

The attitude of the guards has been completely redesigned. Goalkeepers have a new AI and a wide range of new animations, which can make very realistic stops and exits in the penalty area . One of the true surprises of FIFA 15.

Finally, a small novelty for those who like to play in solo mode: the system will test your abilitiesagainst Artificial Intelligence as quickly as possible and will calibrate the degree of difficulty on the basis of your bravery. The level of difficulty is however always modifiable from the parameters.

Live the game as in a real stadium

The next generation graphics engine is finally available on PC and Electronic Arts has focused on the visual elements that form the backdrop of the game.

Thus, the ground deteriorates during the game and shows visible signs of turf wear. Players’ T-shirts and shorts fold naturally and can become soiled with grass and dirt during the game.

The viewers are more involved and are increasing the pressure during the most exciting moments of the game . And some new sound effects, such as when the ball hits the pole, are truly exceptional.

On the sidelines, for the first time, LED billboards are appearing, as in real stadiums. And some details are really well seen as moving the cameraman on the sideline or how the ball collector collects the ball and hands it to the players. The shooting makes us think of a real TV retransmission.

Exciting and close to perfection

The new physics of the ball has an important influence on the control of the ball and consequently on the gameplay. With the Next-gen engine, the new graphics and new animations around the game are visually stunning. FIFA 15 presents a realism never reached in a football simulation.

The stages are almost maniacally reproduced with attention to detail never seen before. In the field, the responsiveness of orders is surprising if we compare it with that of FIFA 14 . The feeling of being able to really do what you want is incomparable.

FIFA 15 Game Free Download For Pc

The improvements made to the Ultimate Team give this modality a greater depth of play. And if you want to manage your UT team including mobility, do not miss the official application EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion, available for Android and iPhone .

Ultimately, FIFA 15 is the best football game ever seen. The qualitative leap from the previous version is notable in terms of graphics and gameplay: a real must for all football fans.

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