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FIFA 14 arrives on Windows 8 and it is free! EA focuses on Ultimate Team and new game modes must be purchased through the app. It also has a game interface completely revisited and touch controls to master!    This version of Windows 8 is simply a version port already available for smartphones running iOS , Android and Windows Phone.

It is therefore ideal for touch devices and differs a lot in terms of functionality and technical quality, compared to the desktop version of FIFA 14 . Windows 8 is simply a version port already available for smartphones running under    Ultimate Team and in-app purchases .

FIFA 14 includes several different modes to play matches: Ultimate Team, Games of the Week, Support your Club, PenaltyShootout and online game.  With this multiplayer mode , you can challenge other players around the world. Try to win to get in the world rankings!    As for the Manager, Tournament and Kick Off modes , however , they are blocked and can only be acquired via an in-app purchase.

FIFA 14 for iOS puts a lot of emphasis on the Ultimate Team mode , which allows you to create and manage your own virtualteam. Bid on player purchases and sales, make your team thrive, and make sure the players are happy with each other, and so And of course, take part in competitions and matches with your Ultimate Team.

When you win a match, you earn experiencepoints and virtual money to spend to acquire new cards to improve your team.    FIFA 14 has 33 championships (Serie A, League, Premier League, Bundesliga …), more than 600 licensed teams and no less than 16,000 players. Without forgetting the 34 stadiums faithful to the originals! As on console, you win trophies / success by fulfilling certain objectives.

The game interface follows the style and design of the desktop version , it offers excellent ease of use and excellentnavigation through the menus.   New touch controls based on gestures  FIFA 14 also introduces a new type of gesture-based touch controls (swype and tapping).

The idea is interesting, but it requires a little training to have full confidence in these unpublished orders. If the touch control does not convince you, you can use the same control system with the mouse. The game includes a detailed tutorial that details the operation of this new control system.

If you prefer the good old classic virtual joypad, you can always select this one in the options. During our tests, we had better feelings with the old system than with the new one.  Graphics just prettier, but an excellent soundtrack  The graphics in 3D are correct without more.

The engine is qualitatively lower than the one used in the classic version of FIFA 14. The animations and the movements of the players are a bit slow, but the gameplay does not suffer excessively. However, a greater fluidity and a faster pace of action would have made a title at the height of our expectations.

The 3D graphics are of good quality and the animations and the movements of the players, although a little slow, are well rendered. A hint of extra fluidity and speed would probably add a little extra to the game. But overall, there are majorimprovements over previous versions.

The menu music is not new, but it is excellent: EA has always attached great importance to the quality of the soundtrack throughout FIFA.  The sound effects during the match are not extraordinary and do not really differ from previous titles. On the other hand,the presence of a commentator (in Italian, English, Spanish, German and French) makes the match much more exciting!

FIFA is finally free!  FIFA 14 for Windows 8 is an innovative version of the game Electronic Arts. The freemium approach allows you to play for free the best football simulation game . If they wish, users will be able to acquire the new game modes (Manager, Tournamentand Kick Off), thus enriching their gaming experience. Windows 8 is an innovative version of the game Electronic Arts.

The freemium approach allows    The available modes are however a challenge, especially the superb Ultimate Team and online multiplayer mode. Players will not be disappointed!

The tutorials are made with care and present in detail each mode of play.    EA bet big by introducing its new system of touch controls (or via the mouse), since it influences the gameplay enormously. Personally, my preference is the good “old” virtual joypad (to select in the options),

which remains for me the best way to make the most of the possibilities offered by FIFA. But it’s a question of taste.    This version is a simple port of the one available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. It does not add more features which is a shame because, suddenly, it does not take advantage of the greatest power of Windows 8 with a PC or tablet.

fifa 14 download for pc free

Some elements of the game leave something to be desired: sound effects, animations, speed and pace of play … Despite everything, FIFA 14 remains an essential game on Windows 8 for fans of football simulation . In addition, it is free : what more?

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