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Farming Simulator 15 arrives on our PC screens, with the success of previous releases, allowing Giants Software, its developer, to invest in new graphics and a new physics engine. While the previous simulators presented stripped-down worlds, seeming to come out of low-budget movie sets, will Farming Simulator 15 rise to the level of its promises?

More vehicles and activities, in larger sets

To begin, you can choose between two locations to place your farm, Westbridge Hill in the United States or Bjornholm in Sweden , which is undoubtedly the most beautiful location of the two.

Your game begins with an optional tutorial that introduces you to basic commands and actions, such as harvesting, plowing, and sowing. Once the basic process is understood, it’s up to you to manage your farm like a big one.

The concept of Farming Simulator is to cultivate the land, make a profit and grow your farm. You will have to grow, harvest and sell your crops, as well as livestock and other resources such as wood.Farming Simulator 15 offers more equipment and vehicles, which can be purchased at the game store as you earn money.

A tractor rhythm

Despite new activities such as cutting wood, the essence of Farming Simulator remains unchanged. The physics engine has been improved, but without revolutionizing the action . The vehicles are easy to control and the keys corresponding to the specific actions are displayed on the screen, depending on the context.

The map, which offers a wide mode and a reduced mode, presents little information: we would have appreciated a GPS and data on the lands that you acquired.

The surroundings of both farms appear more alive than in the 2013 version, with more traffic and passers-by. Unfortunately, the impression of realism fades quickly. Pedestrians do not even try to avoid you and your tractor can cross them like ghosts. As for cars and vans,

they do not try more to slow down as you pass and bounce against your vehicle. None of the gear can be damaged , not even graphically, not even if you roll over. And if you reach the end of the map, you will hit a transparent wall, as in the movie “The Truman Show”.

Tractors pay a face lift

The soundtrack does not offer much interesting: the sound effects and the sound of the campaign are correct, nothing more.

On the other hand, the graphics proudly display their new graphics engine. The gear offers a better rendering, with more details and improved animations . The decorations are also better detailed, with rippling grass, waterfalls, and better-modeled trees than previous versions, which seemed cut out of cardboard.

But even though the game has progressed since Farming Simulator 2013, we are still far behind the canons of the current generation of video games. The environment always gives the impression of being lifeless and the physics of vehicles is still unrealistic.

New look, even simulator

While graphics and the physics engine have improved, they are still far from impressive. The game is larger, prettier, but the gameplay remains the same . If the fans of the series will be filled with this updated and improved version, there is nothing here that should convince the refractory to the agricultural simulation.

Farming Simulator 15 Free Download

That said, his community of enthusiasts should ensure a good life of the game with the many mods that should surely happen.

Overall, the announced improvements in fanfare of the graphics and the physical engine seem to have missed the point, which could have been to renew the essence of the simulation.

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