FARM MANAGER 2018 Pc Game Download

Farm Manager 2018 Free download is published on Windows PC platform, the economic strategy in which we are engaged in forestry management agriculture. Game developed by studio survivorship Cleversan Software, has released its PlayWay business.

Mechanical At the beginning of the fun, we support the control on a small farm, and our task is of his agricultural transformation of the colossus. The game features more than twenty different species of cereals, fruits and vegetables. Planting and harvesting, we can pass exclusively by employees, and using various machines.

You have to take care of the plants, like harvesting (for example, irrigation), and after them, because the different crops you can keep that for a certain period of time. Published for Windows Farm Manager 2018 PC platform Downloading is not limited to agriculture.

The authors have not forgotten the possibilities of raising animals, not only meat, but also, for example, the production of milk, eggs or honey. Manage the field of agricultural business, you need to use the veterinary and insemination services. At our disposal the faithful was nearly forty types of machines.

Available as new models and lower prices, used, which, however, are more prone to accidents. In addition, during the game, we have the chance to build dozens of types of buildings, among which were, in particular, hangars, specialized garages and trawlers, fishing, producing, for example, butter and milk cheeses from the farm.

The game diversify the weather system, thanks to which our business affect, for example, floods, drought or frost. During the game, the changes are also the time of year.

FARM MANAGER 2018 Pc Game Download

Farm Manager 2018 Game Modes Download PC Game offers a fifteen independent scripting campaign and free mode in which we did not impose high goals. In addition, the authors propose modernism tools, allowing to widen the game.

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