DUSTWIND Pc Download

Dustwind Download Free was released on PC Windows Tactical ROLE game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The production has developed an independent group of Dustwind Interchanging Studios,

Founded by the fans of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, which was, by the way, the main revival for the authors when creating their first eponymous album of the artwork. The plot of the Dustwind Action Rechargeable Skid row takes place in 2075 year,

twenty-five years after the disaster, known as Awakening (and .The Awakening), it’s the day the army mechanics placebo of the artificial intelligence humanity, turned against its creators and began the destruction of homo sapient.

Finally machines lost the war, but the cost of this victory was huge. Ninety percent of Earth’s population died, and much of the infrastructure was destroyed.

The result also stopped a kind of link . The game takes place on the territory of the stonewashed the war of Europe. On the place of the martyrs, state governments have arisen countless little faction that stuffing themselves fighting with each other for resources and goods.

At the same time, the side effects of the application of weapons of mass destruction and different mutants are gradually becoming a real challenge for survivors. What’s even worse, so far, all the robots have been completely destroyed,

Although private guiding the powerful AI returned to the main functions and only care about keeping the job. Dustwind Mechanics Free Download on Windows PC platform is a tactical RPG focused on multiplayer mode.

The battle is played in real time, and among the game modes available as the cooperation, as well as several options of competition PvP.

To choose the right set of fractional games, among which we find as a group of people, like detachments of mutants and robots.

DUSTWIND Pc Download

As a representative of this kind it takes, the game emphasizes tactics on the side of the collision. Victory requires the development of cunning plans, which will outperform your opponents, and the effective use of the benefits that can provide special skills

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