Dragon City Cheats – Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food

With Dragon City tips and tricks we want to make it easier for you to get started in this social game on Facebook. In this game, it’s all about your lovely cuddly house dragons. You have to breed and feed as many dragons as possible so that they will provide you with gold.

Dragon City

The Dragon City cheats show you how to build a great dragon family in the world of magical islands. Dragon eggs, of course, need a nest to ripen. This nest (Hatchery) is located at the castle, which is your first home on the island as the headquarters.

If such a small sweet dragon hatched from the egg, then it must be supplied with food.

Well, what do little dragons eat? Now, in this game, you have again a peculiarity, which shows up in many current social games. In Zynga’s FarmVille 2, tomatoes are used to make grain feed for chickens and goats, including in Dragon City … the young dragons actually eat tomatoes. Ok, some dinosaurs were also vegetarians and pure herbivores. So let’s take the tomatoes that way. Dragon City tips and tricks recommends: Each dragon needs a level to grow up, so you have to feed your little friend to level 4 until he can be used in the game and produce gold. In the first steps, the game leads you gently to this score.

Dragon City is a special kind of fantasy management game: build a flying city, roar dragons and fight thrilling fights against thousands of other players.

In principle, it is a build simulation, which means that you spend most of your time building a beautiful and beautiful city. Here you hatch your dragons and take care of them. To become big and strong, you have to feed and train them. Of course, this only works if you diligently cultivate and harvest dragon food. You’ll need to order fields and feed your dragons regularly. Once you have a working economy in place, nothing stands in your way. Send your Pokémon-style dragons into battles and fight other coaches.

Food farm

The tomatoes (here called “Dragon Bell”) wake up on a food farm, which of course you have to place first. Of course, with every harvest, there are also XP (experience points), which eventually take you to a higher level and unlock more items.

As in many other social games, everything is always pretty tight here and there, and it takes time for it to “grow”. However, this game differs in a central point from many other social games. It is often the case that your energy, the action points you can use per turn, is limited. That’s not the case with Dragon City.

As a Dragonmaster, you must give room to the multiplication urge and lovemaking of your pet. This happens in Breeding Mountain. This breeding mountain has a cave, in which the dragons hide behind with their mating behavior. So this game clearly youth-free.

Of course, after the battles there are great rewards waiting to give you an incentive to go back to battle. However, you can also devote yourself quite comfortably only to the training of your protégés and refrain from fighting. If you want, you can buy particularly strong dragons also through the shop, but there is no compulsion, because even the free features offer plenty of fun. The game is cartoon-style and not nice to watch for fans. The dragons and the fields are lovingly animated and designed with humor. Your city will soon shine in glittering light.

Dragon City Mobile is the next big hit, after titles like HayDay or Clash of Clans and definitely recommended for fans of the genre.

Your kites need a suitable place where they can feel good. Sometimes spiny cacti or lava-spewing volcanoes sweeten your loved ones’s life. To thank you for your well-being, they regularly produce gold for you, which you can then collect diligently.

Dragon City Cheats: Daily visit, many friends and unlimited gems

The game rewards you, as long as you come by every day and collect your daily reward at the right edge. In the game you will progress well if you manage to get as many “friends” as possible for the game or you go to fan pages, Facebook groups or forums, where there are already numerous players with whom you will make friends for this game can. Sometimes a second Facebook account is advisable for such a step.

In addition to the gold and the food, where you always see the stock on the top left, there is a special currency in Dragon City: Purple diamonds, called “Gems”, Edesteine ​​(has nothing to do with the community school …). If you notice in the game that you have too little of it, then Dragon City Tips and Tricks shows you the price list, so you know if you really want to swap the gemstone chain from grandma to digital gems for this game.

Breeding Mountain

However, the Gems are not only for sale. Grandma’s gems do not necessarily have to be sacrificed. Unlike many other social games, you can also get these rare things while completing tasks (goals). There’s nothing standing in the way of patient dragon breeding.

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How to use the cheats

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Gold, Gems and free Food

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Dragon City Hack – Features

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Dragon City is one of the most popular games on Facebook with over 10 million players per month. Most of these players try to find an easy way to get gems and gold. With our Dragon City Hack 2018 you can realize this dream. With it you can add unlimited gems and gold to your Facebook account. For the Dragon City cheats no installation is necessary. Just start the free download and add the items to your account.

Gems is probably the most valuable currency in Dragon City. That’s why we’ve created this tricks page so you can generate unlimited gems in just a few steps and for free. You can buy everything with free gems. With our tips you can also generate unlimited gold, so you can get through the levels faster. We offer you the best way to generate gems and gold for free.

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