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World of Speed ​​Turbocharger Skid row is an arcade network, which on the team game in which players sit behind the wheel of big brand cars and participate in competitions on the tracks, scattered around the world. For the creation of the header meets Slightly Mad Studios.

A British developer has two parts of the Need for Speed: Shift series, as well as Test Drive games: Ferrari Race Legends and Project Cars. World of Speed ​​Enlargement is the first attempt of the band’s appearance on the free-to-play production market. When developing titles put on the accessibility of gameplay and opportunities to communicate.

The game typically offers driving style vehicles, which must be accessible even for novice drivers. During the game, the players a lot of routes in different parts of the world. We in cities like Monaco, Moscow or London. Did not happen also some licensed tracks.

Led in the cars of big brands, belonging to several performance classes, ranging from series cars and ultra-fast sports finish. The players have given several modes of game controls. In addition to the races, they are waiting for us, too, from the hunt, the game of catching the flag and the competition in drifter.

It should be added that inexperienced drivers can help your team, not just breaking up as fast as possible at the finish line, but completing additional quests. At the beginning of each race chosen at random because the four quests, such as, for example,

“Use all the shortcuts on the track”, the passage of which allows you to get bonus points. A very great emphasis has been put on the social functions of the header. Playing can constitute different clans. Participants receive a number of additional bonus points.

The company can also participate in the automobile “battles” at other road control clubs. Our actions in the game, we can observe through statistics and private profile of the player. World of Speed ​​Download PC Game works on the free-to-play model. This means that access to the game is free, but for some products or services we have to pay for micro transactions.

The binding, the title was created with the idea of ​​today’s computers, developers should not make compromises related to the poor performance of the console.

Download WORLD OF SPEED ​​Free Game

When creating three-dimensional models, graphic effects and the environment, its creators used the experience gained in previous projects.

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