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Tiger Knight Download Crack: Empire War is an MMO-type product that contains specific elements for real-time strategy and role-playing games, which is responsible for the NetDragon team.

The name applies to a free model of on the Windows PC platform. The plot Tiger Knight Download Free: Empire War takes place in the second century AD.

In the game there is the greatest empire of the time of Rome and the Parthian Empire, through the Chinese of the Han Dynasty, the Kingdom of Gaseousness. The player takes the role of the selected general of one of the parties to the conflict, taking part in battles with hundreds of units.

Mechanical Tiger Knight Free Download: Empire War, we observe an action from the back of the hero (TPP). The game scheme was founded on two pillars, whose first is dynamic and spectacular of the action.

In our hands given a direct control over the hero and we can display the attacks, combine them with incredible attack combinations, as well as counter the blows of the opponent.

During the game, we make use of a powerful equipment: armor on the presence of materials (fabric, leather, metal), in turn, certain types of weapons different from each other by the length and amount of damage inflicted.

The impact on our effectiveness in the fight with the adversary does not only have a type of weapon and a means of attack, but the type of armor that the adviser carries.

The second pleasure principle is a strategic aspect. In this production and comes to us, because the command of the troops, which consist as standard units (their range extends into the gaming process) and having disputant special ability.

The key to victory is the appropriate tactical choice, as well as the installation of a formation unit corresponding to the topography of the battlefield.

The complement of the game is the development of the combat capability – check if there are ten stages improvements achieved through the commitment of experience and prestige, a set of adjutant and the training of combat capabilities and to learn the new formation.

Tiger Knight Game Modes Free Download: Empire War for Windows PC platform include a variety of gameplay options. The Mode Command mode is based on battles with the participation of fourteen players who have 1 Adjutant and 40 soldiers.

In skirmishes can participate a maximum of two Midwesterner of the army, participating in a state of Siege (Siege) or Conquest (Conquest).

In addition, the game appears the option Duel Mode, based on straight lines collisions, the outfits of the general players, and the mode of Epic War, it is a great war with artificial intelligence, in which the key of success is collaboration, team.

Technical Specifications Tiger Knight Free Download: Empire War works on the basis of Unreal Engine 3 technology, is high-quality three-dimensional graphic design.

Download TIGER KNIGHT Free

To the attention also deserves the soundtrack of the fatherhood of Hirohito Okamoto – the creators of the music of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

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