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The Resident Evil team is trying something new. And rightly so, considering the mess they made of Resident Evil 5 and 6. They tried so hard to recreate the magic of Resident Evil 4, but all they managed to do was add more than artifices only of substance. Resident Evil 7 is less a simple third-person shooter,

which will displease many fans, but at least it brings a little novelty within the franchise . This is actually the eleventh episode of the game, but the seventh that continues the history of biological weapons.

Silent Hill 2 had an impact on the design

Despite a brief incursion of the franchise in other genres, Resident Evil 7 returns to the sources of the first episode of the game, survival and horror . The game returns to its roots in a certain way, reducing the action, increasing the suspense, making the enemy even more dangerous, and leaving you with even less food.

As a result, you are much more vulnerable in this game. You are not part of the army, you have no connection with the police, and you have no training. You are just a mean guy trying to survive .

The developers at Capcom did not add a huge level of maturity to the game, even if they had promised it, but they took some stylistic elements from the much-loved (and terrifying) Silent Hill 2, and that’s a step in the right direction. There is more staging, it’s good, but also a little more true / false bursts of terror, which is less.

Suggestive, dark and scary enough

The cinematics are incredible. Not because they are action-packed or exciting, but because they are really scary. They are also charged with mystery and tension , which has been lacking in Resident Evil in the last two episodes.

The soundtrack , whose sound effects and music, is dark, wet, scary, and just perfect. The game had not regained that atmosphere and charisma since Resident Evil 4, and it makes a little reference to the first game Resident Evil.

The graphics of the game are not as staggering as most fans expected. It does not ruin the game completely; it’s just a little disappointing. However, as proven by the Resident Evil 1 HD remaster, Resident Evil 7 could be redone into something even better.

Download Resident evil 7 Free Pc

The game is actually rather haunting, and it has been missing the Resident Evil games for quite some time. You might confuse certain game environments as haunted, which makes the game even more interesting.

Give him a chance

Give it a chance, especially if you hated Resident Evil 5 and 6. This episode has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the first, and it can help you fall back in love with the franchise as the first day. The franchise may not be dead yet. If anything can bring the dead back to life, it’s Resident Evil. Unless you’ve seen the game in action and already love it, you might want to wait until it’s up for sale before you buy it. The game has good replayability, but as with most Resident Evil games, it loses its ability to scare as you replay the same scenes.

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