Download PATHWAY Complete Pc Game

The trail is issued for the Windows PC platform * * Tactical RPG, whose action takes place in the 30s last century. The project has developed a studio Probability, having on account, in particular, halfway.

The plot of the action game begins in 1936, and the plot revolves around high power antiques of research that start appearing on the black markets in different corners of the world. A special interest for him manifest the Nazis. They are mainly looking for a substance known as Valkyrie-500, needed for a Valhalla Project, but not for other treasures.

Reich agents, however, have competitors in the form of private collectors. In the campaign, players control a group of employees of Langford & Co, whose goal is to get artifacts, before they fall into the German hands. The creation of the world, the Path,

they were moving towards the authors (as in Quentin Constantino’s cult classic Pulp fiction) in the aesthetics of the so-called “punchbowl of history” – sensational stories in the press brushwork popular magazines in the United States from the 30s. last century.

Mechanics, Published for the Windows PC platform Trail is a tactical RPG, where we take command of the team of eccentric characters, performing dangerous missions in the ruins of lost civilizations, full of traps and monsters graves, and even the mansions of the Weatherman.

Most of these tasks allow the freedom of study of large places, but also requires going into many battles for help played on the characters of the tactics of the combat system. Need the effective use of the hero’s abilities and the transparency of the elements of the environment.

The time between the work we do on the base, where we manage the team, talking with NPC, and we make decisions that will forward the main story. There was, of course, the mechanics, the development of the characters, allowing the acquisition of new and improved have already acquired skills.

The questions technician Trail Authors have put on graphics, but the technological layer, the project looks very interesting. All the levels are generated procedural, and the graphic engine combines the two dimensions of the pixels with Melamie, which allowed to enrich Oldsmobile modern design and visual effects, such as dynamic lighting.

Download PATHWAY Complete Pc Game

The pleasure accompanies the soundtrack of the fatherhood of Gavin Harrison, who wrote the music for the previous game of the studio, that is halfway.

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