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Need for Speed ​​is back with a new version of its famous racing game. Available in 2016 on PC, the game is already available on consoles . We took the opportunity to test it. Here are our first impressions. Xbox One and PS4

History repeats itself, but we ask for more

Like the previous episodes or the Burnout Paradise saga (from the same creators), NFS offers an open-world chase game that revolves around the story of a guy who discovers the world of night racing, not always legal.

So you are immersed in a main frame where different characters will give you missions. If you get by, you will get XP points and money to invest in new vehicles. His missions are in classic races, time trials or other more specific challenges that put a lot of stress on your flying skills. So far, nothing new in a formula that fans know on the fingertips.

Besides the story mode, Need for Speed ​​also offers free and online modes that can be expected from this type of game and that we appreciate especially when playing with friends.

Note also that NFS requires you to stay connected to the Internet, all the time and even in History mode. This obligation does not really make sense, but it has become a constant in EA games.

NFS plays the card of continuity, it’s true, but the fans will love it, if only for its tunning and customization options . You can collect up to 51 models of different cars , which can be customized to perfection: you can change the appearance,

but also the traction, the body, etc. So, it is very interesting to have on hand vehicles with different characteristics to deal with all kinds of possible tests.

A pure arcade pleasure

Need For Speed ​​is based on a very arcade control system, but dynamic enough to break any monotony effect. The basis of driving is the art of skidding . Mastering it is already dominating the game.

Under the hood, EA takes full advantage of its Frostbite engine to produce a powerful game, visually very successful, very realistic, with 30fps that never fall back. In addition, there are real-life images to rhythm the story mode through interactions with the characters and an electronic soundtrack in the tone of NFS.

As fun as little innovative

Need for Speed ​​succeeds, once again, to hang us with its spectacular races in open circuits. Graphically impeccable, the game is a treat for all fans who seek above all the realistic adventure , the adrenaline rush, not to mention the remarkable collection of cars.

The other side of the coin: do not expect anything innovative. NFS sticks to the beaten track and well marked by the last episodes of the saga. The revolution will not be this time again.

Need for Speed: Undercover is a racing game. This time you will become an Undercover Policeman who will have to get involved in illegal racing to have a group of stolen car dealers.

The story takes place in the fictional city of Tri City, a great metropolis through which you will be able to drive at leisure. But this is only one of the charms of Need for Speed: Undercover , because you will also find various racing modes.

To complete the various missions and compete in various events you will have a wide variety of cars of famous brands available. This will allow you to select and unlock cars from Ford, Aston Martin, Honda, Jaguar, Toyota and more.

Download Need For Speed Undercover Free For Pc

• Beautiful soundtrack
• Wide availability of cars
• Interesting reinvention of a classic franchise

• The level of difficulty is not very stimulating

Need for Speed ​​limitations: Undercover:
• Only a few levels are available
• Restricted features

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