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MORE, which plays in space, classic turn-based strategy, 4, devoted to the cult tradition of the series, such as Master of Orion or Galactic Civilizations.

For the emergence of the game meets Polish-German-American developers studio IdeaLcenter of Katowice. Classic turn-based design, games, science fiction player’s goal is to search for galaxy, empire development and expansion, which often requires the use of force military.

The game’s support is divided into several classics for the kind of details. The starting point is a huge knowledge base, called kosmopedią and contains a number for the information player, the game’s scenario extension. With the help of the already open list we planets, we can examine our possessions, and manage the empire.

Through the science tree section of technology, we are guided by research and identify the direction of development of our thinking technique. During the game, we must manage the value of our leaders and heroes, and thanks to the diplomacy and the MORE interview we will be able to make good for alliances or to make the enemy’s watch.

And, finally, the military aspect, in which we subordinate ourselves ship orders, and thanks to a shipyard, we also create completely from scratch – new units. The galaxy MORE live 20 playable races, and each of them has its unique story, their motivations, the characteristics of objects and unique properties.

In addition, each race has its specially designed interface and a soundtrack. Entirely in three dimensions of the map of the galaxy, we find many star systems, composed of stars of different sizes and colors.

The game has 80 types of planets, divided into 4 types: permanently, a continental breakfast, water and gas, and four types of nebulae.

During the study, we also have black holes, пульсары, asteroid belt, moon and wormhole. The fights in the game are in the turn-based game system and is also in full three dimensions of the environment.

MORE allows the treatment of spectacular space battles with the participation of different classes of ships. Each of the races populating the world of the game has its own tactical combat and specializes in some form of attack.

Added to this, for example, the possibility of bombardment of the planet’s surface from space, the defense of the space station, as well as the influence of celestial bodies on the course of the battle. According to the authors, the game does not focus on zaoferowaniu recipient only awesome graphics.

Despite its complexity, thanks to clear and simple to use the MORE interface attracts the opportunity to master huge spaces of space, advanced tactics and economy.

Dowload MORE Complete Pc Game

The game allows the game, not only through the internet and local network, as well as in the neglected already a little hotseat and PBEM mode.

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