Download LOST REGION Full Pc Game

Lost Region is a survival game with elements of MMO, developed by independent Farom Studio. The title has fallen on a multitude of platforms, including for Windows PCs, and its action has been planted in fiction, almost entirely Hamiltonian the world, which in the past has experienced the closest to the uncertain of the crisis of civilization.

At present the growing control of terrain takes in nature, as evidenced by at least the types of gather growing quantities of giant coniferous forests. Mechanics In Lost Action Area is presented from the point of view of the third person (TPS). The production transports us to vast, open spaces modeled on the mountainous regions of North America.

Its area covers more than 64 square kilometers, the landscape variety of plains floods and picturesque rivers valleys. Before starting the game, we can choose which job should represent the work we have done the character, so to learn useful skills. For example,

the chemist can produce different types of care kits and medications, in turn, the architect gets access to a wide range of buildings. Regardless of the specialization we have decided on, the basic gameplay is looking for, getting needed for resource survival, running the processes generated by the works and fighting Kashmir.

Depending on their choice of style of play, we can face as with other players, and with opponents controlled by the AI. Nothing is worth it on the way to join any of the existing factions in the world of games or create your own. Therefore, we can use a lot more resources, which leads to the possibility of creating basics of shadowy –

these, you can also rewrite the hand of the enemy armed groups. In addition, during the game, we often run into building occupied by characters, in places not only to replenish stocks and rest, but also we rent accompanied by artificial intelligence.

Download LOST REGION Full Pc Game

It should be noted that the inhabitants of this “sandbox” can respond to us in different ways, that they are sympathetic to our alter ego, or relate to it with contempt,

and sometimes even throw themselves on it with their fists, which determine our actions. In addition, an important role in the game plays kraft.

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