Download LONA: REALM OF COLORS Full Game For Pc

Lona: Realm of Colors Download Skid row is a point-and-click prosecutor. For production meets kilogauss SpaceFox studio. The plot of the Game tells the holder of the Uterus – the artist who tries to cope with problems of transfer on the web.

Unfortunately, such a solution proves to have unpleasant consequences. Lon is losing the link with the real world, finally being trapped in their works. Each image has both sides of those who study conducted during called the cat of Mrs. Schmidt, and the black, in the form of a raven, Lord Ruppert.

The task of the players is to restore the balance in each of the fifteen formed images, so that the woman can return to the real life. Mechanical Lona: Realm of Colors Download Crack is a point-and-click prosecutor on the Windows PC platform that manages the same rights as other games of its kind.

This means that the game is to find and use objects. In the production does not have, however, nor the window of the inventory, in which are stored the gadgets and we assemble them with each other, nor even the HUD. The developers simply got rid of all that suło by atmosphere of the game.

As a result, the game is not very complicated, and consists mainly in the transfer of objects of color, chaotic version of the world so far precociousness and vice versa. Therefore, we call events, and sometimes completely change the whole situation, pushing the plot forward.

Download LONA: REALM OF COLORS Full Game For Pc

Lona technical questions: Realm of Colors Download stands out unique from the graphic design. Since the action takes place in the painting of a determined duration, and the image observed on the screen is a small work of art created by his Tarrance Karimi. Interestingly, she is also responsible for the vocal side of the track.

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